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CBR250RR & ZXR250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by v-petn, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the forum. I would like to say this forum is great. I'm still reading and absorbing all this great info...

    I'm planning on doing my learners course in mid aug. I'm really excited and keen to get a bike not long after the course.

    I've researched and have decided to go with either a CBR250RR or ZXR250. I'm leaning more towards the ZXR250 but I'm in Sydney and there aren't many advertised. I'm very particular about the colour. I've looked on bikesales & bikepoint and seen some really nice bikes from Sumoto. They have some HOT looking bikes, especially the yellow one. But after reading all the negative post about them, I won't be buying off them.

    I'm really picky with the colour and I know a lot of people will say that this is only a learners bike and I'll upgrade soon. However my wife will not allow me to buy another bike after this one lol so this is it basically... I have the find the dream bike otherwise I'm stuck...

    I've seen a few nice coloured CBR's but they seem quite expensive for an old bike... My budget is around $6500 for the bike... What price should i expect to pay for a CBR250RR and ZXR250?
  2. $6500 is alot to pay for a bike that was 10k when it was new, 20 years ago. Can certainly find a good condition one for that price. But you'll also find alot of dungers for that price, just a matter of sifting through them. FYI zx2r are generally cheaper for same year and condition.
  3. welcome to NR.
    i cant believe you are the first person to ever raise this topic!!

    there is a similar thread somewhere...
    Here it is :!:
  4. Why does everyone settle on the CBR250RR or ZXR250??????
    I mean fair enough you'll probably get your money back in the end but
    the amount of posts you see every week asking the same question (not having a go at the OP)

    TheCBR250RR are awesome bikes don't get me wrong, sure there are some real shithouse ones floating around that look like the frame has been went into a banana.... but there are some out there that have been looked after.
  5. i was. did you check the link i provided?
  6. Yeah :LOL:
  7. I agree that $6500 is too much for a 18 year old bike... If I had a choice, I would buy the new 250r and pay a bit extra... but the waiting list is too long. I have to wait til Jan next year...

    The reason why I'm leaning towards cbr and zxr is because of it's sporty looks and how well it goes.
  8. i guess some people are shallow and must have their cbrzx250rrs :p
  9. Hmm so let's see - you've had 10 years in which you could have gotten a bike, you want something to keep for a long time, but you can't wait another 6 months to buy something that will actually last (or choose a more appropriate bike like a GS500) :? .
    Sounds like you're the kind of impulsive buyer that keeps the dodgy import people in business.
  10. First off, I thought the whole point of this forum is to share your knowledge... I guess I was wrong... Some peopke seem to just want to criticise

    Yes I have waited 10 years before deciding to buy a bike... It's not exactly the safest thing to do... You're more than likely to die from a bike accident then a car... So wouldn't it make sense to build up my driving skills in that 10 years... And what's this about being impulsive... Am I saying that I just want to buy any bike? I'm doing my research! Waiting for a bike for 6 months is a long time... Especially when I haven't seen or even sat on one...
  11. I am sharing knowledge - the knowledge that if you buy a 15 year old CBR250 for 6.5k you're more than likely going to seriously regret the decision later on no matter how shiny it might be when you buy it (or what colour it is)
    Seriously NSW has had LAMs for a while, there's far more options than just looking at the two most popular, and most overpriced, 250s if you're genuinely looking for a bike for long term. And a 6 month wait for a bike is better than waiting 6 months for an old bike to be fixed.
  12. Thanks for the reply... You're right, I wouldn't want to go through the hassle of constantly fixing the bike... I will have a look at the LAMS guide and see if I can find something newer and cheaper...
  13. jd summed it up nicely.

    Unless of course you only want to hear what you want to hear?
  14. v-petn,
    a Suzuki GS500F should appeal to your needs and tastes.
  15. Cool thanks for the replies guys
  16. Geez some of you guys are harsh! :shock:
    He just wanted some opinions and mostly what he got was a slap in the face!
    If I've narrowed down my choices to a VL commodore or EB falcon for whatever reason, no offence but I don't want to be told I'm an idiot because I could buy a 1 year old Hyundai for the same price!
    Peoples priorities vary: Price, style, color, power, brand, age, value etc.
    IMHO no Lams approved bike comes close to the style/power of a CBR or ZXR...BTW do you think a 2007 Hyosung in the year 2025 will hold its value like a 1990 CBR is doing today?
    Bikes of this era have stood the test of time, that is why they continue to be popular. Parts and knowledge and information are readily available and despite some scare-mongering I'm yet to believe they break down or fail any more or less then any other bike with an equivalent maintanance schedule.
    I owned a 1977 Porsche 911 for a few years a while back. Shock-horror, it never broke down, out-looked and performed most cars even in todays market, and it sold for the same price I paid for it. By comparison my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee has been through 2 gearboxes and a rear diff in 18 months. I think the same comparison can be made to some bikes.
    To say anyone will more than likely 'seriously regret' buying a bike based on its age is ridiculous.
  17. Sure, if you put outdated style and colour ahead of age, price and value for money - buy a CBR.

    It's what I did buying the Kat (and the last Kat), doesn't mean I recommend everyone else do the same thing. I know just how much work is involved in bringing an old bike up to a standard that's even remotely close to that of a new bike as far as reliability and performance goes. I also know not many people are willing to go to that amount of effort either, so instead all they have is a bike full of bits that are well past their intended design life.

    Out of interest exactly how long have you owned a grey-import 250 to be so certain of their long-term reliability?

    And as for a CBR being the most powerful and stylish LAMS option - I'm sure RVF400 owners are probably wetting themselves over that one.
  18. I was going to say - Even the Suzuki Burgmann scooter and BMW F650 (2000-2007) crap all over it with prodigious amounts of power and torque.
  19. Could probably add a few motards too, plus bikes like the SZR, SRX6, possible even the SR500 - but using the RVF example pre-empts the obvious "but it doesn't look like a sportsbike" reply ;).
    (Even though around a track a motard would likely be much, much faster than a CBR).
  20. 1 - CBR250 - Endless 2nd hand parts available.
    2 - Extremely popular learner bike means selling shouldnt be a problem.
    3 - Why not save money and get a single R, they are going for 2-3grand.