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CBR250RR worth fixing?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by rcdarkangel, May 9, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I have a 92, 96 complied CBR250RR as everyone my age on their P's does I suppose.

    Due to an attempted theft and just some general concerns I have taken it into a mechanic to have the following checked for various reasons:

    Warping of the front right hand disc
    Regulator, bike wont start most at all, started for a while after replacement of battery but dead again now.
    Look at the shocks, nothing in em dead probally just fluids.
    Get the H frame straightened out, bike was layed on it side and jumped on :(
    General service and investigation
    replacement of LEDS behind dash

    Little history, the bike was layed over by the previous owner and the bike was damaged further in an attempted theft, currently has close to 80000 km's on it 20k of which I have put on in the 6 months of owning it.

    I took in to the mechanic who basically said that he did not want to fix half of what I listed because it is too much effort and he informed me in some pretty blunt words that I should just buy a new bike.

    Problem is im on restrictions for another six months and I actually LIKE my bike, despite the wanker label that is attached to them I love every moment of it hence the 20k put on it in 6 months :p

    I got the bike for a bargain at the time, 3k and I think that me wanting to put some cash into it at this point is not a bad thing. Im tempted to take it straight from this mechanic once done and have the rest completed plus a dyno.

    I am however interested in hearing if perhaps people think he is right? I mean it is old but I have looked after it, treat it right feed her the right oils and so on and I dont think that its time to just roll over and throw it away cause it is a little old.

    Any thoughts? Am I wasting my time?
  2. Normally I'd insult you right now, but since you only paid 3k for yours I'm giving you nod instead.

    Okay, most of this stuff is simple enough for a monkey to do. Get that frame checked and if its good to go spend the cash you would have given the mechanic on some tools and get to work. Check out www.findapart.com.au for parts and learn from your first bike the lessons that will last you a lifetime of more expensive bikes...

    Which is probably less than most 92 CBRs... Congrats on not buying an 89 model with 3123kms on the clock - at least you know what you were getting. Its a lot of Ks, especially for that type of bike if its treated like most of them are, but you answered my next question:

    So to hell with your mechanic, fix it yourself.
  3. Probably will cost most of what you paid for it to get it up and running, and with those kms it seems like a waste to me. Get a full FINAL quote from someone to do everything, get them to commit to this price and weigh it up.
  4. Find the prices for most of the components you listed,

    Find a mechanic that can give you a quote to fit those things.

    Double both estimates as the mechanic will find things you didn't list!

    If this still fits what you perceive as reasonable then it go for it.
  5. if you can do it your self, i couldnt see you spending more than a grand. paying someone to rebuild the shock (out of the bike) will cost around 200. getting the discs straightened would be about 100 bucks, but they are probably worn too, soo 200 each second hand (make sure you check em first with a caliper gauge to confirm they still have a fair bit of life in em). new reg rec, after market around the 150 mark? genuine 250 plus knowing honda. ive got no idea about how much it would cost to get the h frame straightened out but not too much if its out of the bike.

    all parts and consumable for a MAJOR service would be around 120-150 bucks.

    80,000kms is used on one of these motors, but definately not worn out if its been looked after.

    i rekon she's definately salvagable, and buying a new bike would be a waste of money if you are just going to upgrade in 6 months. dont expect to get any return on the money you put into fixing her up when it comes to bikesales time.
  6. Yes I am not looing for a return on investment, I just want to know that while I am riding it that it is safe and that when I do sell it, either for the same price or less the person I am selling it too is getting a bike that I myself know is in decent condition and wont blow up 200 metres down the road on them.

    At the end of the day regardless of if I could upgrade or not I see no reason not to maintain it as is. I mean yeah it may be old but for a 250 it still has enough go for me :)

    See what happens once it gets out I suppose, the H frame I could straighten myself I just dont have the strength.
  7. DUDE!!!!

    I feel your pain brother! it SH!TS me up the wall when little jelous C*NTS do stuff like that!

    You bought it for 3K? most CBR250RR's (In good condition) will sell for around 4.5k. So if you fix it for under $1000 when it comes time to sell it youd still make $500!

    It comes down to how much the bike is worth to you?

    would you rather sell it and wait 6months and buy a bigger bike when your off your restrictions?


    Fix it, ride it, sell it and buy a bigger bike?

    If it was me... id sell it and get a bigger one and risk it for 6 months. but thats just me.
  8. Yeah I was after a quick sale and it seemed fair to sell it to a mate for that - IMO CBR250's have some of the most inflated prices around - I understand market demand makes them worth what they're worth, but still.

    Glad to hear you're still enjoying her mate and sad to hear about her current state of affairs. For what it's worth, a new h-frame is only like 60 bucks or something if you want to buy it through tyga-performance. They also sell OEM style fairings (but so do ebay) for reasonably cheap pricing.

    Good luck! A little bit of money and elbow grease she'll feel as good as new.
  9. ^ completely off topic, but still got your soarer mate? :) havent been on toymods for yonks.
  10. Hey mate,

    Unfortunately no! MR 1JZ flew over from Adelaide to buy it from me. I used the money from that as a deposit for my ZX9R.

    I miss that car so much! :mad:

    Doesn't mean I can't get another one some time. But if I do, it will be 1J powered when I buy it. :cool: