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cbr250rr won't start after sitting in a rain....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by evo6, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. hey guys and gals, I supposed it is caused by water got into the tank. How can i drain those water from the tank?

    Is that always happen when it is raining? or "broken" of my tank...

    Is that anyway to prevent rain water get into the tank?

    I think it ran out of batteries as well since i tried to hard to start the bike.

    How can I fix it? or send it to the bike shop?

  2. I dont think its water in the petrol, sounds like water contacting some part of your ignition system.
  3. but I have left the bike sitting there for the whole weekend. I tried this morning...it still can't start... and very weak electric sound since the battery is out...

    Before that, the bike won't start by only push the start button, it needs a bit of throttle as well. I supposed it should start the engine by just simply push in start button. ( that is what i know from the L course, using CB250, no need throttle at all). Is that saying the bike has something wrong i the ignition system?
  4. Well considering that, your battery sounds a little flat, do you have a multimeter around?
  5. no ...actually... so u saying it might be the battery's problem.

    If everything is perfect, should any bike start the engine by just push in the start button, for 1 sec?
  6. Ok, let me understand, your bike is not turning over at all, correct?
  7. What are you riding. If you left a CB 250 in the rain then didn't ride it for a few days, you have 2 immediate reasons why it won't start.

    Rain: Take the seat off and spray all the electrics with WD-40. This will sort that problem out for you. Don't forget to spray around the spark plugs (most likely suspect).

    Left sitting: If you left the fuel tap in the on position, fuel will have leaked down into the carby. Hold the throttle on fully and start it that way. It will take a bit but it will start. Don't hold the starter down for more than 10 secs at a time.

    Here's what to do:
    At this stage you've drained the battery so you need a different approach. Spray the WD-40 and don't be stingy with it. Then push start the bike. Turn the ket and kill swith to the ON positions and put the bike in 2nd gear. Run bedide the bike as fast as you can while holding in the clutch. When you're running as fast as possible, jump onto the moving bike, drop the clutch and hold on the throttle all atthe same time. It should fire up for you. :)

    Edit: just saw the thread title and noticed the bit that says CBR. In that case it'll be water issues. The advice is the same except that you don't have an OFF position on the fuel tap so leaving it in the ON position is the right thing to do and won't cause a problem. Otherwise, follow the steps I gave you.
  8. To thecptn: yes, the bike is not turning over at all...with drained battery, it now won't even sound "click"....

    Remember it rain in the Thursday afternoon last week (before good friday). and I left from work , planning to have good evening... but I just can't turn over.

    where the spark plugs are? under the seat as well? what do they look like?

    my CBR250RR does have an off position for fuel tap. horizontal is OFF. So U suggest i should turn the fuel tap to off position every time it sit overnight?

    Seany, thx for your advise. I try it tomorrow. (about pull start, I think i need a hand from my friend. hehe...)
  9. Shit! you need a friend to help! You'll find them at the top of the Cylinders below he rocker cover. About 3/4 of the way up the thingy on the enginey bit.

    Oh, If that's the case then when it won't be used for more than 24hrs or so, swith the tap to "OFF"

    Yeah, that freind bit would be a good idea. :LOL: I'm laughing at you but in a friendly way. My ex used to ask simmilar qns about what spark plugs looked liked. It was very grounding for me. You'll be fine with the steps I told you but if it sounds like you need a mechanically minded friend to use the WD-40 for you. :)
  10. hi boys and gals, I can roll start it with push from my friend from behind, in 1 gear, not second. It might because we are not fast enough, so the first time u used 2nd gear, it won't work. so I tried 1 gear, it fire up.

    Then we decide to charge up the battery, so we went to Le perouse for fun. We have done 20km , i think. In the meantime, the engine stall for a few times.

    The first time is, when i mistaken the high beam as the turning indiator, it stall immediately when i stop in traffic light. Need to roll start again.

    Second time, I shift down to 1st gear and stop, it stall. then a few times in front of the traffic light.

    Then we decide to back home, since the battery is not recharged at all. (after 20km), the head light is still weak when idle, and frash during run depends on the speed and rpm.

    Eventually, it wont start itself. This time even i press start, no respond at all. Before i still can hear some "click" or firing sound.

    So what do u guys think about this? : (
  11. btw,seany, I didn't spray WD-40 beforehand. Would that be why?
  12. Nope, if it fired up with a push start then it's probably all dried up and no longer a worry.

    All the time you spent trying to start it with the button flattened the battery and 20km riding isn't nearly lng enough to get the charge back (you have your headlight sucking up a fair whack of power). Given that it got completely flat, if it's an old battery it's probably dead forever. Try charging it fully over night. If it won't charge buy a new one. Once the new battery is in, use a multimeter to check the charge when the bike's running. If you're not getting at least 13V you may need a new altenator.
  13. Mate you need a new battery! It's dead, dead, dead! It's waaaayy too far gone if the bike dies when you simply hit the high beam, regardless of how far/short you've ridden it.

    No, a lot of bikes won't start if you 'just push the button for 1 second', try the choke in cooler weather.

    Perhaps invest in a bike cover for those rainy days.
  14. You probably have a dead battery, but that's more likely caused by a dead voltage regulator. You'll need to get it to your shop and get both the battery and the regulator replaced.......
  15. what he said.
  16. Thx for help, mates, i think a new battery is a must.

    And is the regulator different to alternator? or refer to the same part?

    I seldomly use choke to start. what i did is press start button and give it a little bit of throttle, it works 100% before this drama happen.

    I heard that if choke is in place, there is no need to give a throttle and it should not, coz it cause too many fuel injected and get flooded. is that the case?

    I will send the baby to a Mech. this week, the one in refern, give it a body check. Thx everyone again...
  17. No your vlotage regulator is the device that regulates the amount of charge that the alternator sends to the battery.

    The alternator hangs off the end of your crankshaft and spins around, the regulator is a solid-state device which probably lives under your seat.

    On my Hornet a new battery cost around $100 charged and the regulator cost around $160. I think several different Honda models use the same regulator. It should be sending at least 13 volts to the battery at idle just after you start.....
  18. Separate. The regulator adjusts the output of the alternator and is a common part to fail.

  19. Hi , just to update what happen to my CBR.

    I got it full service on Friday, and change it the whole electrical system indcluding new regulator/rectifier, new battery.

    What is the rectifier? is it the alternator u guys refer to last time?

    It is running fantastic now, but still need to test it for a few day. Hope it can start always.

    Btw, if I can start the bike without using choke when it is cold. so should i do so? will it damage the engine?
  20. Good, albeit expensive, news!
    Yes, rectifier/regulator can be interchangeable terms.
    I'm ot a carbie expert, but if you can start without choke it MAY indicate an overly-rich mixture. How's your fuel consumption? If you put your hand over the end of the exhaust when the bike's running can you smell petrol on the palm of your hand when you take it away?