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CBR250RR vs ZX2R vs FZR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by notorious_nick, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. alrighty fellers im looking at the honda fireblade, kawasaki ninja and yamaha fzr. these 250's seem to be good learner choices but id like any opinions possible on which would be a better bike to start on.

    ive also had a look at 2nd hand pricings and the:
    CBR250RR is roughly $4000 - 6000
    ZX2R is roughly $3500 - 6000
    FZR250 is roughly $3000 - 5000

    any advice would be great as i know very little about the ergonomical features, life expectancies, common problems and general issues of these bikes. any help is good help

    cheers :wink:
  2. they are all the same full stop.
    get one in good condition for a good price.

    Bar the thai made xzr2's which are avaliable newer (meaning syspension/rubber components would be in better nic.

    If u have a choice get the 90-92 cbrs as they come with an extra 5 hp.

    anyone one of those u can pick up unregistered for 2 grand.
  3. +1 zbike

    there all basically the same, when i went out & had a look at new bikes i was leaning to the zxr250 because they were alittle bigger under me, but at the end of the day i found a cheaper cbr250rr & i've never regretted a day,

    if you live in Melbourne check out the cbr250rr range at peter stevens in the city(5-7k range) theres some pretty good nick cbr250rr/r's there atm.
  4. simple...
    get the one you feel most comfortable on

    i love my cibby so thats why i got it!
  5. zx2r is one of the widest fairing bikes. cbr is much easier to steer and move around pretty reliable to for finding parts as cbrs are popular and generally they hondas hold their value. The fzr was one my list when i was shopping for my first bike because their werent many of them around only bad thing about that is if you need spare parts you might be up shit creek.

    But like the others have said they are all pretty similar and your main goal is to know to ride safely.
  6. There is quite a few spars around now they have been gray importing them for awhile. My local Yamaha Dealer is always happy to help me out.

    I don't know if I would recommend these bikes to a learner though after having mine. They are very peaky, have no steering lock, tiny little handle bars and allow you to go very fast before you fully understand what your doing. Because they handle so well they make you want to go faster, which for me was bad because I got overconfident very quickly. Others will be different though.
  7. No suzuki across??

    I mean, sure, i'm a little bias, but everyone always forgets this bike, and they can be found pretty cheap.
  8. Yeah I don't know why people forget this bike also. Its a 4 cylinder 250cc but is styled more on the touring side. I would have been happy with an across for my first bike. It would probably also be a better day to day bike and better for a learner.
  9. hehe yeah i woudnt mind a man bag sometimes.

    I reckon u can get over confident on any bike. I had some close calls on a 125 cause i was speeding through slow moving traffic.

    by all means get a 250cc 4 cyclinder and crash it i need the work.

    FZR's woudnt be a huge problem with parts. Its just by comparison CBR's zxr2 have an abundance of parts
  10. check out the kwaka GPX250 too nick. I bought one on Friday, absolute gem. Seems a very popular learner bike too.
  11. Are you going to insure the bike?
  12. Third party or comprehensive?
  13. Gees thats more replies than ive ever had in less than 24 hrs =P, thanks guys.

    ive looked at the gpx bikes but they still look like something out of the early 80's. they seem to be a very moderate learner bike, but i was thinking of getting one of the faster 250's because i really dont want to upgrade in the near future. with this attitude id probably be better off with a 500, but i think a 250 will be a bit safer for me to start with.

    its good to know that parts are available, hopefully at a reasonable price. i just realised that the fzr bikes seemed to be a fair whack cheaper by comparison to the fireblades and ninjas.

    what do you guys recommend in the insurance department? id like to save as much money as possible on insurance, but then again id also like to know that im not gonna buy a bike and drop it on the first day without insurance. 3rd party almost seems useless on its own since motorbikes are very light and dont seem capable of putting cars in the shitter, just themselves. so i guess comprehensie must be the go.
    does anyone know the price differences between the two for about a $4000 bike?

    to tell the truth i havent looked at the suzuki across. its one of the only learner bikes i havent taken a look into. i dont know why but even though suzuki make some top notch bikes, i just find it hard to associate the words "suzuki" and "quality" since many of their other departments such as cars look pretty bodgey. i will however have a look at them and another look around for prices.

    to tell the truth thats what ive been looking at. but id be struggling to get one for less than about $4000 - $5000. 2 grand seems like a bit of a joke when everyone just tries to push the prices of bikes with 40 000 - 50 000 kms under their belts. oh well, what can you do.

    it does seem however that the fireblades are the superier bike out of the lot but as everyone says ill sit on each and see how they feel. but i think even before i do that ill jump into the rta and get my L-plates.

    cheers guys :wink:
  14. I have a 250RR and I think it's a great lil bike. I think the CBR looks good but that is just my personal opinion.
    Parts are fairly easy to come by but OEM fairings for the CBRs are abit pricey. The CBR RR are fairly good to learn with.

    If you are a taller rider then you could also check out the hyosung as it has a bigger tank and does looke beefier than the other 250s running around. They are newer with warranty and have a bigger tank as it is a 250 in a 600 frame but then performance wise I'd say go for the Jap bikes.

    I had a go on the hyo but ended up loving the lil cibby for riding position and just the looks.
  15. Be very careful, a bike can and has many times written off a car. If a car pulls out and you T-bone it at 60km/h it will do a lot of damage to the car.

    I bought my 93 FZR250R for $3500 with 27,000kms and reg for around 8 months to come. I thought it was a bargin with no scratches or anything. I only have third party. Its not worth paying over $1,000 per year when I'm on my restrictions for a $3500 bike. Third party is a must though and it only cost me $120.
  16. I was in exactly the same position as you a couple of months ago. Just go try them all out. See which one you like the best and then find one at the right price for you.

    I bought a CBR yesterday and apart from a worn chain and sprocket its an awesome bike. From all accounts the zxr is very similar.

    Goodluck with the bike hunting!
  17. i just bought a cbr down at redwing honda original import '98...couldnt be in a better condition for 5.8k...custom exhaust and nice rims...this thing is immac i wanted from the second i took off on it...i test rode a zzr and the new hyosung (dont even get on one death on wheels i thought the thing was gonna fall apart on me)...but then at redwing wen i got on the cbr...it was love at first sight... ..cbr's r so smooth n easy to operate... do check out redwing honda in heidelberg dude i promise u wont regret it they do u a good deal as well and have very good bikes...they get new bikes weekly..

    do check em out if u want a cbr dude...its a must !!
  18. people should stop buying gpx, so kawasaki stop making such a ugly bike, were not in the 80's poeple
  19. The gpx is a good learner bike. It is ugly, but so what, if i had a kid learning to ride on the road, i would want him on a gpx250.
  20. lol here goes the gpx debate.

    ive heard that they are a solid learner bike. yes i think theyre a bit ugly. yes i also see the glistening pricetag of $2000 on a 8 yr old, 20000kms bike. the cbr is about $4500 for a 17 yr old bike, 50000kms.

    there a hefty difference, but ive heard that cbr's are a better ride, more comfy, and id like to keep my 250 for a bit more than just my L's. maybe a few years. i will however try both to justify.

    judging on prices there are some well priced zx2r's out there and if they are very similar to the hondas i may settle for a kawa. ive also been looking at the fizzers (fzr's) and they look like a neat little package too, cheaper than both the kawas and hondas as well.

    since i havent heard much negative feedback on any of the bikes about reliability, ridability and major problems, i may just settle for the better priced bike since people make it out as if they are all like riding the same bike, just with a slightly different look and a different brand name.

    i do however have a priority for the cbrs :p cant get enough of those things, but im sure it wont kill me to get one of the other bikes.

    in saying this, if anyone knows any of the downsides / problems with the bikes mentioned my ears are open.

    cheers ;)