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CBR250RR vs Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by judas, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Hey guys just looking for some advice on these two bikes. Out of all the bikes i have looked at over the year, these are the two that are left and it is honestly so hard to pick which one to purchase.

    CBR250RR is a great choice as its a one of the fastest learner bikes around (not that im worried about not being able to reach 120kmh+) but i just dont feel easy paying 6000-7000 for an old bike when the hyosung is at a ride away price of 6990! Also the GT250R is a bigger 250 than the CBR, but i dont feel cramped on the CBR anyway.

    arrrrghhh decisions decisions!
  2. Do not pay more than $5500 at the max for a CBR250RR any more than that is a ripoff.
    I can't comment on the Hyosung but the cbr is a great bike and i have no problem on the highways or riding in peak hour traffic.
  3. It really is amazing how much some CBR's are going for. I've seen a few at A1 going for as much as $7200!
  4. While the cbr is a good 250 for zippy around on, most are getting pretty old and most likely been thrashed to bits. Also be aware that a certain place in North Melbourne that sells lots of these bikes gets them imported, paints them up, makes them look trick and they are well over 10 years old. I'd be looking at something newer.
  5. Let's do some motorcycle equations
    New bike=no history
    New bike=warranty
    New bike=new EVERYTHING

    I'm not trivialsing your dilemma, but from where I sit, it's a no brainer....
  6. Took the worms right out of my mouth......
  7. Considering the age of the CBR I think that even if you got one for $5k you might be best off with the GT250R for another $2k. That is if the budget is there to do that etc.
  8. Would the place in North Melbourne start with the letter S? I know about them and i am avoiding them like the plague.

    Would anybody know what the second hand price on the GT250R would be? I've been trying to find some on the market but i cant find any on websites, trading posts etc.
  9. The GT250R is brand new. I doubt there will be many, if any, second hand examples around at the moment.
  10. OMG!! :shock: :shock:

    I cant believe there is even a comparison....

    Hysongs may be new, but how long do you actually want your bike in the shop...

  11. Just wanted to give some support for the "old" CBR's....

    I recently bought a CBR250R from Lilydale and it had just recently been imported from Japan. It was pretty much rebuilt from top to bottom & back to front so it's nearly a brand new bike.

    I was quite willing to pay the $6000 price tag as I got a custom paint job and quite a few extras as well.

    Old doesn't necessarily mean thrashed or about to fall apart.

    My 2c anywayz....

  12. I'm not sure if it's the same with bikes but in japan new cars HAVE to be brought every 5 or so years because of very strict emissions laws.
    This could explain the low km's
  13. I recently bought a GT250R and to be honest the first things I will be changing once I've got a few more miles on the clock will be the brake pads for sometime less squeaky (oiling them doesn't help - :D kidding) and the rear tyre to a Pirelli 160/60 (same size as the GT650R). What kind of tyres are the fitting to CBR imports?

    The GT250R is great in city traffic, very torquey and easy to ride - don't need to slip the clutch much or high rev like a CBR or Across but a CBR250RR when angered would leave it for dust.

    If your budget stretches a little further the sports muffler, Pirellis and brake pads should turn the GT250R into a pretty decent ride - but then thats another $900 or so. :?

  14. I don't know what tyres my CBR had on her when she was imported but they put on a brand new pair of Dunlop Arrowmax 501's (as well as everything else that is brand new) so I'm happy with these until I need a new pair and then I'll be seeking advise on what to purchase or I may stick with these.....see how I go.
  15. Mate if i was in your position i would go the Hyosung. From looking at them, i have not ridden either, the hyosung looks like it would be much more comfortable, and in my opinion looks shit hot against the cbr. And yes you will have i nice new shiny one as well. Do yourself a favour and go the new Hyosung.
  16. Hi,
    I used to own a Hyosung GT250 and thought it was perfect when I took up motorbike riding again. Can't fault it, really. Room for improvement? Of course there is, like the brakes. But nothing is perfect, right? Honda's built quality is always there - but then that's what Honda is famous for.

    I'd suggest you go Hyosung - like someone said, new everything, great for around town. Means it is pretty good for out of town also. But if out of town (or up in the hills) I'd suggest a bigger capacity bike - any brand. Warranty - I can vouch for.

    Why not the Hyosung GT650? Ready made bigger bike after you get your full licence? This is what I upgraded to. Given I haven't ridden the model you named, I've ridden Honda's earlier 250 VTR, own a CBR 600RR and a CBR 1000RR; I'd still have the Hyosung - new.
  17. Given they're new to market, how about we stick to the facts, rather than just guessing, eh? ;) For all any of us know, the Hyosung may be the most reliable bike on the planet. I'd say for it's lower revving engine, and the simple fact it's brand-new would make it MORE reliable than the CBR, particularly if the plan is to actually RIDE the bike, not just add 2000km in 15 months. :p

    Go the Hyosung. If you don't want to pay the price for a new one, don't get a CBR. Get something reliable that doesn't have the stupid "bling" tax on it. As you said, top speed isn't an issue, so pretty much any 250 sports will do you. Most will do 160km/h+.
  18. while you are on your learners spend as little as possible on a bike... don't spend more than $2500 on a bike... buy some thing cheep that you will not regret droping or smashing... after you have your restricted licence than perhaps consider a CBR250RR (which if you look after will keep it's value) or the Hyosung (which if you buy new will defenately loose some value)
  19. Because he's in Victoria and their enlightened gummint hasn't caught up with the LAMS concept yet.....
  20. Kind of pointless buying a CBR250RR on the basis of it being the fastest learner bike as it is totally outclassed by many 2-stroke 250s. Really the only risk with the Hyosung is the devaluation, they're covered by a 2-year warranty so even if build quality is a little suss it should be fixed free of charge anyway. Certainly any problems that Hyosung may have in build quality aren't going to be anywhere near as bad as the things that could go wrong with an old CBR with an unknown history.