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CBR250RR VIN and Engine no's question(s)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Electro, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I'm getting my L's this weekend and am looking to buy a CBR250RR to learn on for a year or so. In my research I've come accross a few things i'm not sure about that I thought the more knowledgeble members here could shed some light on.

    A '91 RR is classified as an MC22 right. When I do a vicroads status check on any '91+ CBR250RR I get a matching engine number like MC14E1xxxxxx. I thought the MC14 was a previous model? Is this standard? What am I missing here?

    I've also noticed that the VIN numbers come in the following formats:


    To me the first one looks the most ligitimate and I know the differences are due to the 100's of ways these bike have been imported into oz over time but do I need to worry about what format the VIN is in? As long as it matches with Vicroads it's ok? How do I know if i'm buying what I thing I'm buying as in a real CBR250RR with the right engine etc as it was originally built?

    Just tell me if I'm being overly cautious. :)
  2. thanks for the link megaphat... i thought I missed something re the engine number but I thinks its all ok. From the number I should be able to deduce the year(s) the bikes engine was made.

    As for the VIN i'm still a little unsure about this... I've seen a bike with the vin scratched on by hand on the compliance plate at a dealership :eek: .
  3. Yup. They usually put a line through the one embossed on the frame (too short) and then stamp a compliance plate on this side. AFAIK this happened for both the honda imports and the grey imports. The official honda ones have 'Honda MPE' written on them.

    My old bike ('93 CBR250RRN import) had "1MPORT" in the vin.
  4. yeah thats what got me confused in the first place :grin: :eek: :grin: . I checked a few bikes rego's from bikepoint.com.au and saw all the different VIN's and just thought what the hell is happening here.
  6. Thanks for the clarification GS5hundy. So I guess no real concearn as long as it checks out with vicroads.
  7. nope. my bros is a 6mc22.... where as mine is a JH2MC...

    go to the link i gave u with details and you should be a happy rider.
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    Was wondering is there anyway to tell if it has the original engine if it is not listed on vicroads or if the engine is an import or aus version ect..?

    Is there anyway to tell if it has the original engine. if it is not listed on vicroads or if the engine is an import or aus engine to give you an indication of when the engine what built?