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CBR250RR Tri Colour Confusion...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pOint_01, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Im in the market of buying a CBR250RR but have ran into these 2 questions.

    The Tri Colour scheme was the offical Honda Australian delivered bike and anthing else is an import?

    Did the Tri Colour scheme come with black or white rims or both?

    thanx in advance!

    - Mike.

  2. All Australian-delivered ones came with the tri-colour scheme.

    Some privately imported ones may also wear the colourscheme because Australia's officially-imported ones were just leftover stocks from Japan back in 1998/99. Check the frame's plate to verify who brought it in.

    Anything not tricolour is more-than-likely a private import - but you can check the frame for an import compliance plate.

  3. You are correct. I asked a Honda dealer about this two years ago. I recall him saying that there were three that were official HA delivered bikes. One was the tri-colour, one was deep red and I can't remember the other. He told me the years those colours were in the showrooms as well and if I recall correctly, the tri-colour was the last year they were sold new. Everything else is an import.

    I don't know about rim colours though.
  4. im a newbie so im not sure where and what i should be looking for...any advice?
  5. It's easy for someone to dress up an Import as a tri colour so you need to check the compliance plate. The plate (if i remember correctly) is mounted on the frame near the head stock on the right hand side of the bike. Look just under the front of the tank and you should see it. If it has MPE on the plate, she's an aus delivered. If it was brought in by an importer, it would have IMPORT or similar stamped.
  6. oh sweet exactly the answer i was looking for!

    thank you all again! please feel free to add more info/tips! :)
  7. +1 - plate's usually on the frame, near the headstock. Easy to spot on these bikes because that part of the frame's fairly exposed.
  8. yeh and the dark maroon with black decals and rims are aussie ones as well... Easy way to check is as stated on the VIN, make sure it doesn't have IMPORT in the number...
  9. Yup. I spoke to a (honest) dealer about the cbr250rr's. They respray almost every one they resell. There's certainly nothing stopping them from respraying an import in Tri-Colour livery. Although I do prefer the look of the import colour scheme.

    imo, if you're looking for a cbr250rr, don't worry too much about the colour scheme. I would, however, look for one made before 1994 when they restricted them to 40hp.
  10. They also shipped a maroon one in it's last years too ;)

    The Tri-colour was the best though :p Yes I'm biased.
  11. I can confirm the red maroon colour was also Aus del, i have one of those. Safe way is to check the compliance plate stamped on the front LHS of the frame. Just look at the LHS handle bar and follow the frame down. It should be right there.

    Look for "Honda MPE" if you see anything like "South Side motorycycles" etc then its an import.

    Also watch out for the 250R, they can also have the common RR fairings on them but is the older 88-89. Model, easy way to tell quickly is look for the single disc brake on the front wheel. All RR's have double disc. Also 3 spoke is R. But go the compliance plate, should be the safest.