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CBR250RR tier pressure

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by fitryder, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Yes I have searched for this everywhere!

    I don't know maybe im missing something but i cant find it.

    I'm new to riding and got a bike bit ago and cant figure out correct tier pressure for it.

    So I'm sorry to annoy people if this has been asked before but im rather desperate,

    Could someone please tell me optimal tire pressure for the MC22.

    Thanks for your help people!

  2. by the way i keep finding these numbers for the pressure but have no idea what they mean or how to convert

    Front : 110/70R17 54H
    Rear : 140/60R17 63H
  3. 110 is width, 70 is %of width as the height R is the speed rating 17 is the rim size 54H NFI

    From memory I was running 34psi front and 36 in the rear
  4. i think its 32 psi front/rear
  5. ^^ This is exactly what i use for my MC22
  6. Yups, I've always used 34 in the front and 36 in the back. Always felt right to me, but at the same time, i've never known any different.
  7. According to owner handbook, 32 psi front and rear.

  8. Yeah it was written by Mr. Dimsim who was averaging it for a rider who eats rice for every meal and weighs in at 50kg.
  9. My tyre man told me:
    32-34 front
    36-38 rear
  10. tyre pressure is 32 front 36 behind and with pillion 38 that is off the manual on the CD it up to really you how u like your tyre hard or soft
  11. LoL Funny to See CBR King is Helping out :p
  12. Thanks for the posts all!

    Got them on 34 and 36 for now, feels great!

    Again thanks for the advice!
  13. Close, 110 is width, 70 is % of width as profile (height), R is the construction type (R = radial), 17 is the rim diameter, 54 is the load rating, H is the speed rating.

    When buying new tyres (rule of thumb for cars, usually keep the exact same for bike except speed rating and load rating), you need to keep an overall same amount of total diameter to make sure you dont ruin your speedo, and NEVER go below the load or speed rating of the old tyre.
  14. Dimsims or not

    I found that anything above 30's is way too hard, especially for road riding.

    I use 26 and 27 on the front and rear respectively. I take her to the Spur and she is that much easier to ride than with 30's. The difference is night and day.

  15. I thought it was

    31 psi front
    29 psi back