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CBR250RR suspicions... some advice please

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jgul2, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. I just got my L's earler this week and am looking at a CBR250RR.

    I am currently looking at a 1996 model with about 15k on the clock.

    A few questions...

    1) The bike has a switch to turn on headlights. Shouldn't they always be on? and the option should be high/low beam?

    2) What colour should the dash numbers/dial be? (red or green)

    3) How can you tell if its a real australian delivery as opposed to an import? Is it by the compliance place? What if the numbers are hand etched in? is this dodgy?

    4) How much would you expect to pay for this bike, assuming its in good condition, (nothing required for RWC) and has full reg? Its not a tri-color, so its obviously been re-sprayed and i suspect crashed because one of the levers has a square edge (it should be rounded).
  2. Use the search function.

    Your questions are not unique.

    Welcome to the boards.....
  3. My 2006 hyosung gt250 has a switch for the lights, the law to have lights on all the time was abolished some years ago acording to the guys that took me for my L's.

    15K on a 10 year old cbr250 :shock: like thats the true reading.
  4. My 91 import has a push button high/low switch, and the on/off switch was removed when it was complianced (3 position slide switch).

    Mine are red.

    You'd think Honda would be able to provide stamped plates, no?

    Square edge means it's been down the road, mine are both square :) You'd do well to get it for under $6k if it wasn't dodgy.


  5. It should have the importers name on the compliance plate, I had a cbr250rr with "Jap motorcycle imports" stamped on it. Obviously a grey import