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CBR250RR Starting Trouble

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by LimaEchoOscar, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have had my bike for just over a month now, it runs like a beauty no hiccups so far until yesterday.

    Its been cold/rainy here in sydney, and the bike starter was just chugging till eventually it gave up. So I had to push start it - started up all ok.

    I thought ok maybe the battery wasn't charged enough and it will just come good after a ride. So I took it for a ride about an hour. Put it in my garage, gave it a test start yup all ok.

    I started it up today, it chugged a bit but started up ok. Took it for an hours ride, pull over at a servo to put petrol, fill tank and the bike wouldn't start? WTF?

    Anyway I push started it and got home, pull over in the garage, try and start it again, nope just gave up.

    When I bought it the guy said the battery was replaced recently. Now I am a little worried. What has gone wrong?

    If any one could help me test some of the things out (I don't have any mechanical tools). I am in Marrickville, Sydney would really appreciate it if someone could help me figure this out.

    Thanks again in advance people.
  2. Welcome to Honda Voltage Regulator Land, grasshopper :).

    In short, it doesn't matter whether you replace the battery or charge it 50 times, if the Voltage Regulator is stuffed, and I'm betting it is, you are treating the symptom not the disease.

    Get your mechanic to get in a new regulator for you, from memory they are about $160, get it fitted and have the battery charged, and, in the words of Inspector Clouseau, your problems will be solv-ed..... :wink:.
  3. Do you have a battery charger? If so hook it up and fully charge it.

    It could be the battery or it could be that its not charging when the engine is running.
  4. Ok so how do I conclude that the Voltage Regulator is stuffed? I mean I want to be absolute sure before I fork out the $160 to get this sorted :)
  5. Go to an auto electrician and get him to check the output voltage. Go from there. My bet is it's squeezing out around 11 volts when it should be up round 14
  6. You could also quickly check that the battery leads are on tight. Even take them off and refit.
  7. Ok I am gonna go and fiddle around with the battery to make sure all is ok.

    Can anyone recommend any good electrician/mechanic around marrickville area?

    Good as in not a rip off! :p
  8. Rain is a CBR killer
    May just be water in your tank. I have trouble startin mine when its been rainin.
    Check the volatage b4 u got fork out 160$
  10. Ok, if voltage regulator and regulator rectifier are two different things, please completely disregaurd this post. If they are the same, heres my story, may help.

    My reg rec went on my cbr250rr. When it went i could get it clutch started the first time. But because its not charging the battery, i couldn't get it started after that ever. I got it clutch started in the car park at work, and stpped for petrol. Wouldn't start there, had to clutch start it outta the petrol station. Because you can't turn the headlights off, it still tries to run it off the batteries when there no charge. My bike stalled in the middle of liverpoool in peak hour in neutral with clutch in, and wouldn't start again. I had to get a random to give me a push down a hill and got it clutch started again. Bike sat in the driveway for 2 days while i was working, and then i tried to get it down to the shop to be looked at. After an hour of unsuccesfully trying to clutch start it, i got it jump started from a friends older car. I then made it 3km before it stalled (clutch in). After a lengthy wait my friend got there and we got it jump started again, and i made it the last 3km into the car park where it died again.

    The fact that your bike is starting sometimes and not others makes me think probably not the reg rec, but if you do think thats it, and you get thee same problems, if you take it to a shop to get fixed, take a mate with you with jumperlead and be prepared to jump start it a few times on the way down.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  11. Ok guys here is an update.

    Battery terminals all looked ok.

    Since yesterday's ride, I started it up today and she fired up. I haven't taken it for a ride. But I have a feeling that if I turn it off she won't start again without the clutch start.

    With clutch start it has started each time. Do you guys still think its voltage regulator?

    I would take it to a mechanics but being easter all is shut.

    I am thinking of the mechanic in front of supercheap auto on princess highway, just before you hit rockdale.

    Are they good and not a rip-off? Can anyone suggest anyone else? I don't mind taking it for a ride a few K's if anyone can suggest someone cause I'd like to stick to one mechanic to look after my bike.

    Thanks again guys.
  12. It doesn't sound right to me, like i said ^ when my reg rec went it wouldn't start at all without clutch starting it. When you find out what it is though, please post up, i'm raelly curious myself to find out what it is :?
  13. Borrow or buy a multi meter, set the meter to DC Volts. with the bike running stick the red probe on the + battery terminal and the black one on the - terminal, use the choke to bring the revs up to about 800 - 1000 rpm. it should be charging at 13.2V +, but not more than about 14.7.
  14. Here I was thinking that the bike had a discipline problem and that it was starting trouble.

    Excuse me while I go take some pain relief :cry:
  15. Ok guys, tried to start it again wouldn't start.

    I am amazed how quick it clutch starts, me sitting on the bike, give it one shove with my two legs and let go, she fires up.

    Took it for a spin, came back let it idle on neutral. Here is the thing, the neutral indicator and the side stand indicator sometimes are flashing like christmas light and then normal again :S

    So I turned her off and tried to fire her up again but nope. I noticed however that the Oil light and the Neutral light go completely off (never noticed before is this normal) while I am trying to start her up.

    On the way I saw Mitre10 are open today. So I am gonna run down in a few mins to get the multi-meter.
  17. YAY I think its fixed!

    Ok here is what I did wrong last time I checked the terminals, there are 2 cables going to the +ve terminal of the battery.

    1 x Alarm
    1 x Bike (I am guessing)

    It appeared to be loose :S (I am sure I checked it yesterday) anyway I tightened it up.

    Turn the bike on (sounds like it used to before) and lo behold she fires up in a second.

    So I take it for a ride, come back turn it off and start again, starts off again. YAY

    I checked the multimeter reading at 1000 its at 13.25 to 13.27.

    The neutral/break indicators aren't dimming any more either when I start it. They are not flickering like a christmas light either.

    I think I have just accomplished a first mechanical problem with my bike (not that it was anything major) but I am happy with all your support guys that its resolved. You guys rock! Saved me a couple of hundred bux.

    I am gonna take it for a ride soon and post if anything buggers up but somehow I have the feeling that it wont :)

    Thanks again people.
  18. +1 for me then. That will be $160 thanks :)
  19. Cool, well done. and now you have a shinny new tool for next time you get leky problems.