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CBR250RR starting problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Max, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Hi i'm new to the forum stummbled accross it whilst looking for a bit of help with this problem.

    I'm having some issues with my bike when i tried to start it, it wound over a few times then went clunk (real loud) and stopped and every time i tried to start it after that nothing would happen. I tried roll starting it but the real wheel is just locked like its siezed (when in gear) when going forward but you can pull the bike backwards and with great difficulty the wheel will turn, after putting it in gear and pulling the bike backwards it will do the same. when you try to start it, it will wind over then goes clunk and then it's like its siezed again. after pulling it backwards then trying to roll start it it will momentarily start then it goes clunk again and i'm back where i started. So i replaced the starter motor and this made no difference, next i took the cover of the flywheel etc. and found there was a cog that runs between the starter motor and the flywheel, this cog spins freely one way and engages (to turn the motor over) the other way. After a close look i saw that this cog was jamming against the casing as the shaft that holds it in place had come out of where it was supposed to be, so i put the shaft and cog back where they should have been put everything back together thried to start it again as it was winding over it was clunking and banging then stopped winding over, i took the flywheel cover off again and had a look and everything looked alright.
    Now i'm stuck and don't know what to do any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated
    Cheers Max.[/b]

  2. it may be a job for a mechanic mate.where abouts do u live???
  3. Ummm ouch!!

    sounds nasty, how far does it turn before locking? I'm thinking its jumped a coupla teeth on the cam chain, or broken the chain, the lock up being piston hitting valves

    Or it might be a hydraulic lock (water or petrol in the cylinder)

    Hope not, but sounds like it. :(

  4. i would SOOOOO seriously take that to a mechanic. :shock: i dont mean to have a shot at your mechanical skills or anything, you've done pretty damn well to get this far, but you might end up spending more figuring it out than getting it done at a shop. :?

    welcome anyways dude, maybe someone can help you, but it'd probly just be an educated guess still, best to let the eggspurts do their thing :D
  5. This is good advise, next question is "who knows a good mechanic in my area?"

    JJ (In Hobart that just might be Milton @ motorworks)
  6. yeah thats wat i was thinking mechanic sounds like the plan, i just thought i might check if anyone had heard of anything like this happening before. As for the clunk thats when the cog between the starter motor and the flywheel jumps out of place and jams in the casing
  7. I read this as it still locks up even tho you fixed the starter pinion??
    Also you say that putting it gear and pushing does the same thing.

    I have seen of this before, a '99 2 ltr camry that snapped its timing belt.
    Way back in 1979 in my third year as an apprentice they dragged in an old chinese tank from the armour museum in Pucka, the engine was diesel version of a V12 merlin\meteor, the spur gear on the left bank cam had sheared and the pistons had intercourse with the valves.

    Has the bike been sitting around for a while before you tried to start it? Try removing the spark plugs and see if it'll crank.

    The mechanic is your best bet fer sure, it needs to be inspected. I really hope it's nothing anywhere near as serious tho

  8. I had a similar problem on a very old Cortina.

    I think it was a front bearing colapse on the started motor. The movement allowed a misalignment.

    It might be easier to fix then you think.
    Pull the starter motor apart (a few bolts) and replace the bearings (if one is stuffed). They should be pretty cheap.
  9. had a similar prob on the gsx550 when i bought it. turned out to be the starter clutchbehind the altenator. a mongrel to get at but new rollers & springs then all go no more probs. i bought the bike for $200 bucks with a seized motor.