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CBR250RR Spark plugs??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Word_a_Mowf, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    sorry if this has been asked before...my 'Search' capabilities ain't working the best tonite.

    I have a CBR250RR, and am doing my first service myself.

    Changing the spark plugs, oil, oil filter, may even bleed the brakes, drain the coolant, etc..

    What spark plugs should I use?

    I have been told NGK Iridium spark plugs, but not sure exactly which ones??

    I understand that too hot or too cold is bad (obviously), so I'd want the standard plugs.

    I have also heard about guys using Diesel (motor?) Oil in their bikes.....safe option??

    And I will also need an oil filter.

    Thanks for your help in advance dudes.

  2. If you have the owner's manual then the specific type of plugs will be in there.

    A quick Google revealed this CBR250RR spark plug changing guide

    They specify NGK CR9EH9.
  3. I have Iridium plugs in my bike, so I don't have to change the damn things for 60k kms. I also run Shell Rimula X, for it's anti scuff additives and superior protection.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. NGK CR9 EH9

    are the standard plugs you will need for your cbr250rr. Anybike shop has these.

    Do not put car diesel oil in your bike!! For oil, again go with honda's recommendations and get yourself some 10W40 or 20W50 semi synthetic.

    As for the oil filter again go with a Honda one, they are $15.
  5. thanks guys!

    Damn..didn't know changin plugs was such a b!tch of a process on a motorbike


    so fairings have to come off, etc...whoa


    and is Diesel Oil a DEFINITE no no??

    I was reading a thread on it, on this very board last nite...and a few guys swear by it.
  6. Oops! Better not tell me that :roll:
    Maybe if you did some research into SAE oil grading and current standards, you'd see why modern diesel oils are better for a bike than most other oils.
    But, it doesn't have bike written on it, so you can't use it in a bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. hahaha nice

    I might try the diesel.

    Might screw up my little beast...but f@ck it..it also might work in my favour.

    Roarin - would you mind sending me a PM with the OIL you use, or a recommendation??

    Cheers guys!
  8. That doesn't sound too bad. To change the spark plugs of my ZXR250 requires that I remove the fuel tank, fairings, air box and carburettors. It is not a five minute job :(
  9. ^^ mate, it's a biatch on a CBR too... but i have a feeling you've done more work than required momo. You shouldnt have to goto that extreme to replace something like your spark plugs.

    on my old CBR, all i had to do was undo the radiator brackets and take that out of the way. once you did that, it was a matter of getting your hands/spark plug tool into that tiny space.
  10. Yeah, you might be right. I was doing work on the carbs, though, so I went from that angle and didn't even removing the radiator to get acces :p
  11. ^^ well at least that would have been the 'easier access to spark plugs' option

    also noticed you asked for an oil recommendation: i use motul 5100, and change it every 5000km.

    make sure you replace your crush washer each time you do an oil change.