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CBR250RR - Some Advice for a noobie

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tubby, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys....

    I just got offered a deal on a CBR250RR that I reckon isn't too bad, just thought i'd get some advice from some more experienced people..

    2000 CBR250RR 250cc
    Registered until January 2008
    Brand new tyres front and back and full service in the last 3 months. The tyres have done probably 100km max - just to rub the shine off them.
    Has about 12 000km on the clock.

    I got offered this bike for $5200

    It is in really good nick, and I know the current owner and know she looks after her stuff. At this stage, I reckon I will go for it, just looking for some advice first...


  2. Just so you know...

    1) It's an import, and not a 2000 model, that would be the date of Australian compliance, it will usually be an early to mid 90's model.

    2) Any import of this age with 12000km on the clock is suspect, km may not be genuine. often these bikes are imported damaged, but not imported for wrecking purposes, and the importer may make 1 good bike from many.
  3. Pretty much what Tweet said. If it was me, I'd get a mechanic to check it out for you. Doesn't cost much, if there is no problems then you just get piece of mind.

    If it was a genuine 12000kms and in good condition, it'd be a bargain. But 12000kms on a bike thats probably close to 10 years old.. Just get it checked out.
  4. It may not be an import, CBR250RRs were sold here officially in 2000 (though these bikes were in fact just left over stock from the end of production in '96). However 12,000kms in 7 years would be suspiciously low for an Aus-delivered bike.
  5. I sold my '96 CBR250RR with 35,000 on the clock for $5080 a bit over a year ago... doesn't really tell you much, I just wanted to share :)
  6. I wouldn't think there are many bearing an Aus delivered 2000 year plate..might be very lucky though, if it is an Aussie model with genuine 12km on it, that would be a bargain, as the imported shitboxes fetch that..
  7. Exactly Tweet. If it's legit then it's a pretty good deal (assuming there's nothing seriously wrong with it) - but the chances of it being legit are fairly slim so I'd be very cautious. May not be a bad bike but if one things dodgy about it you never know what else might be.
  8. I too had heard previously, that Honda had imported and sold these from about 1996 to 2000 as Australian models. My friend then advised me that this was the last of the Aussie one's.

    The reason for the low KM's was because when they lived in WA, they lived on the Army Barracks she was posted at so she hardly ever rode it. When they moved to Brisbane, it only has been used every now and then as she has a bigger VFR now...
  9. Easy to tell, just look at the compliance plate, if it has the word "IMPORT" as part of the VIN (on the compliance plate) then it is not an Aussie model.
  10. Tubby,
    I hope youre not to hmmm... well...tubby?... or Tall... Kind of a small bike really. I have been on 2 and they seem tight for me, but I am above average 6 foot 2 and 95 kg. Cool bike tho..
  11. it sounds like a sweet deal to me
    aus not aus model doesnt matter much, other than resale value (and the 5hp)
  12. Hey Karl....

    Nah, Im not that much of a Tubby. It's just a nickname my brother gave me when I was a kid. Although I am a little heavy, moreover should I say solid, Im 100kg and just on 6 foot. The woman I am looking at buying this off is 6 foot 3 and she has had not too many dramas on it with size....
  13. Aaron,
    Take it for a spin, and preferably a long one. Do you have L's? Where are you from? In Syd we have a Learner ride on Sunday... Ask to test ride for a day and come along, usually plenty of CBR250 ARGH ARHgs to compare to ..
  14. you may wanna test ride it first to make sure you fit....... they are tiny little bikes. For anyone other then jockeys, they really make normal sized people look like a clown riding one of those tiny bikes IMO :LOL: each to there own though
  15. Is it roadworthy. Cause discs can cost a arm and a leg. 300 each front and 200rear. Chain, sproket, etc

    Pretty good bike in general. As people say they are pretty small.
  16. im 192cm and find the cbr250 way too small to ride my legs just dont sit properly no matter how far back i sit. The zxr250 was much better though
  17. To help ease confusion, Honda Australia were selling NEW PREVIOUSLY UNREGISTERED CBR250RR's in Australia through it's dealer network until early 2000.

    These bikes were new and imported to Australia as genuine imports as opposed to previously available used 'grey' inports.

    Calling Honda on (03) 9270 1111 and quoting the VIN number can verify whether the bike was imported as a 'grey' import or as a new bike.


    I got this information directly from Hinda Australia when I rang them yesterday as I am looking at a CBR250RR here in Brisbane that I was informed was bought new in Australia as the last of the Aussie Models....

  18. New in the sense that they'd never been ridden - but not new as in they were made in 2000. Production of the CBR did stop in '96, Australia just got the leftovers for a few years more.
  19. OMG dats kool, Im in syd. How can I get a hold of these 00 cbr250rr's?
  20. I guess look around for one....

    I just went through and boguht the one I was looking at, cause I loved it when I rode it.,.. I will post a thread in the intro section when I get the pics up and running...