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CBR250rr running like a diesel!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by killerb, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. #1 killerb, Jan 25, 2012
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    Hey guys, got a big issue and i need some expertise


    Bike has been off the road for 6 weeks with a dead clutch.
    Just finished replacing the clutch, put it all back together
    meticulously, all new parts down to nuts and bolts.

    New oil, crank case cover put back on with new gasket etc,
    waited 12hours for the glue to dry then started her up.

    The Problem

    Started the bike first time and it sounded absolutely horrible.
    It runs (doesn't die) but it grumbles like a diesel engine and
    the normal high pitched engine note is gone.

    There is a constant loud mechanical "ticking" that appears
    to becoming from the engine (not the clutch) and is very
    loud and noticeable.

    More Facts

    Let the bike warm up, took it for a short ride down
    the street, clutch works a thousand times better then
    before and power is decent but the noise is loud and
    the engine note is completely different. There is
    also higher vibration.

    Super loud ticking faded slightly when i unplugged one
    of the spark plugs.


    If you guys have any idea what this could be i would GREATLY
    appreciate it!!!

  2. Sounds a bit like oil (or sufficient oil pressure) not getting everywhere up top where it should.
  3. I think I need to burn my ears off or something... She sounds HORRID!

    I can see why you've asked: now somebody help this Bike get better, STAT!

    ... I have no idea about what it could be though, sorry >.<
  5. Jesus that sounds nothing like it should. I would avoid riding it or turning it on, you could very easily be doing damage to it.
  6. Sounds like excessive valve clearance or lube problem with top end, don't see how the problem could have been caused by changing the clutch, look over a shop manual to make sure you didn't stuff something up when you reassembled everything
  7. thanks guys, yea just can't figure out what could have caused it when the bike has sat there doing nothing for 6 weeks and ran like a dream before hand.

    Getting a major service on tues (and they're gonna take a look at the clutch too)
  8. Did you have the head off at any stage and/or replace head gasket?
    Did you use gasket goo or similar that may have blocked oil galleries?
    Did you check that the new gaskets didn't block any holes?
    Did you touch any mechanical timing gear (chains, cams etc) or electronic timing gear?
  9. Sydney City Motorcycles just got back to me and they reckon its a timing issue.

    Put a camera in the head and think that one of the piston heads has been hitting the valves.
    Long story short until they pull her down they won't know what the problem is inside
    and how much its going to cost to fix. Ball park figure worst case, $4,000

    bought the bike for $4,5 :S
  10. Ask them why they can't first check the timing marks to make sure the cam timing isn't out of whack.

    Likewise the possible oil pressure problem.

    In fact, maybe even instruct them to check these first and get back to you.