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cbr250rr refusing to start.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by raseilx, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Well, my cbr250rr arrived a few weeks ago, but as I was unlicensed at the time, I didn't even bother starting it, so when I started to get it ready for its import/registration check, I realised there was quite a bit of work that needed to be done.

    Its was newly 2007 complianced when I bought it, but it refused to start. Shipped dry, I figured it was a petrol/oil problem, and filled both, when throttle was used though, it still wouldn't start, it would put along a few times and die out, and the lights were dim.

    Ok, so it must be a flat battery, right? Rang the place I ordered it from, they suggested I buy a 12 volt recharger, due to it not having been started for a while, and see where I go from there.

    Go out, buy the recharger, get it home, and find out that the cells in the battery are completely out of acid. Ok. Trip number two, so I go out, and purchase a new battery.

    Get home, put it in, and now the lights won't even work.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. You have a possible number of causes:

    Battery leads/contacts - Ensure not corroded and tight. Earth strap if that bike has one.

    Fuses or fusable link, look under seat (not sure where they are on cbr250's)

    Given it was running although not for long with old battery, a new one should see at least lights and the starter cranking.

    Did you fill and charge the new battery? some require it prior to installation.
    Don't keep trying to clutch start it or jump start it, you may well kill the R/R (if not dead already) and or stator, then it will be expensive.
  3. followup

    Battery was filled with acid in the shop, and had some charge put in it prior to me putting it in. Everything there is secure with the strap across the top (I'm assuming thats the earth strap you were talking about?).

    Havn't tried to clutchstart it yet at all.
  4. Does the starter motor worK?
    Do u Have spark plugs in the bike?
    The tank could have rusted like a no tomorrow, blocking carbs etc?

    Have u determined if its a electrical prob or a fuel prob or dont know prob?

    More info would be useful
  5. Some more info would be helpful, not knowing how new you are around bikes, here's a few things to check:

    - Fuel tap is turned to 'on'

    - killswitch is in the 'on' position

    - You have spark

    - FULL choke, NO throttle (can't stress that enough...)when starting, there's a good chance you've flooded it if you've used throttle (hence the 'putt putt' you're hearing)

    - Check for spark at the plugs (take one out and turn it over)

    - Hook jumpers up to the bike battery from a car, heaps less strain on the bike's system and lots more capacity for trying to start it.

    - Don't give up on it too soon, if it was indeed shipped 'dry' you'll need to turn it over for ages in order to fill the carb bowls up and then get fuel into the engine (another good reason to jump it off a car)

    - If it doesn't start jumped off a car, there's no reason to push start it. All you'll get is a hard time pushing it back home...
  6. Thanks all for the quick responses.

    I'm very new to bikes, and vehicles in general. Never owned a car.

    Fuel tap is on. Killswitch is on.

    I have spark if I brush a wire over the positive and negatives with the battery out of the bike, but I don't get any spark whatsoever if the two bits you clamp onto the battery are pushed into it when resecuring the battery to the bike. (Probably intended?)

    The putt putt sounds don't even happen anymore.

    Not sure about the plugs, don't even know where they'd be.
  7. Ur in a little bit of strife mate. As much as we can give advice to u, it still relies on a certain degree of knowledge.
    Also lack of information doesnt help diagnosis.

    List exactly what u know.

    What u know about the bike before u got it??(ever seen it started, history)
    what u have done??(Oil, fuel, what checked so far?)
    how the bike is reacting??(chuggin over etc, Sparking,dash lights on,)

  8. mate u really need someone local to come help u out.

    If it doesnt have lights.
    check the battery is connected and the leads + and - are connected the right way

    if it still doesnt have lights

    check all the fuses from memory they are one the left hand side under the fake air intake up the front. unscrew the little box that siaz fuse on it take out the little colour things one by one and see if they are damaged inside. replace as neccasary.

    some setups have a single fuse right next to the battery along the fat red wire check that fuse also

    If u still dont have lights after that u got a problem.

    BTW by check for spark they mean take out a spark plug hook up the lead into it hold it against the frame and check the spark plugs for spark.(this will require u to take of the fuel tank and the air box)

    If the electricals are working. keep crakin it over with the choke on.

    make sure bike is in neutral kill swit is set to on and fuel tank is set to reserve and has fuel in it.

    Make sure the fuel tank sucktion hose is connected.

    buy some start ya bugger and spray it into the air box.

    im tyred of typing good luck

    cracnk it over heaps try with choke