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CBR250RR Racing class?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by POPEYE, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    just wondering if there is a racing class for the cbr250rr stock? & how much would it cost roughly to stay in it?

    I got my new bike & if the wife lets me keep the 250, it would be good to keep it as a racer.

    I looked at bucket racing but for some reason 150cc racing does not seem to appeal to me...i heard it would cost approximately $5000 a year to do bucket racing. I wouldn't want to spend much more than that.

    not being lazy, i just don't have the net at home atm to look it up & limited time at works.

    thanks for any help in advance
  2. NSR150 would be a cooler tracky than a CBR..

    Haven't heard of any 250cc races, though in the next few years though we may as manufacturers are making more single 250s since the new Moto3 requires them. Instead of Aprilia RS125s we might have a 250cc 4 stroke single equivalent that will be raced instead :D

    Not too sure about the costs involved. Since you're going to be riding a 250, you won't chew out rear tyres/sprockets/fuel etc. anywhere near as fast as a 600-thou. Still will want to do your fluids after most days (from what I've heard.. sounds sensible). $5,000 a year sounds about right, including your bike but I'd recommend you learning how to do these to save a fair bit. This is just a guess from what I've spent in the past maintaining my own 250.. It could be less or more. If you smoke, quit that and spend the money you'd be spending on ciggies on trackdays :D
  3. Which state do you want to race in???

    NSW has PCRA for bikes of the CBR250 vintage. I was looking at racing a CBR250 next year. Not sure about other states however.

    If you already have the bike then it would be pretty cheap to race. A set of tyres would probably get you through a year. You'd probably change the oil + filter every 2-3 trackdays.

    A rough guide of costs would be:
    Club member ship: $30-50
    Race licence: $250 approx
    Race entry fee: $200-$300 each round. PCRA has about 6 races a year
    Tyres: Alpha-10s I think are around $400, one set should be OK if you have good suspension and keep an eye on your tyre pressures.

    Ultimately you can spend a fortune setting up your bike, or you could keep it pretty cheap.

    I would do a quick estimate and say you could set up a CBR250 on the cheap for under $500.

    Then there are the incidentals, travel to the track, accomodation, food etc etc. Plus if you crash there are more costs involved. :nopity:

    Just for the racing part I would think a full season on a CBR250 would cost $2000-$3000. So maybe add another $2000 for travel and accomodation and you're at the $5000 mark.

    Definately worth it tho, racing is AWESOME!!!!
  4. In Victoria, they have the Production/Clubsport lite which were 250cc I believe. But from what I remember last year, not many in that class anymore so not sure if it still exists.

    Here is a rough break down for getting my VFR 400 sorted...so I assume prices might be similar if not less.

    Club Membership: $55/year
    Race license (club level): $250 (this year I think it's $260, with national license ~$280)

    Race entry costs is dependent on track/organizers. If in Vic, PI is probably the most expensive, but sometimes also cheap if it's over a weekend. Price can vary between $200-300 (inclusive of garage hire) per race event. Say $1200 for a full year of 5 race events.

    Then there is wear and tear stuff. I only do an oil/oil filter/brake fluid/coolant water once a year...mainly because I am budget racing and am I tight arse. I'm not much of a competitor for the top of the ladder.

    Oil/Oil filter: ~$100/year
    Brake fluid: ~$30-50/year (pending what type)
    Cooling system: ~$20-50/year (distilled water only, not allowed to use coolant)
    Set of race slicks: $650/year (5 events)
    Set of wet tyres: $200 (second hand...used once)
    Tyre warmers: ~$300-400 (depending on brand)
    Front and rear stands: ~$300-400 (depending on brand)

    Then there are brake discs, pads and chains. Different gearing sprockets for different tracks and also spare rims with tyres (wets...so quick change over) if you have spare money. Spare levers, handle bars etc.

    First year will always be the most expensive obviously. I say maybe first year including bike, maybe $6000-10000 depending what extras you get or going bare minimum.

    Running costs after that (without crashes) $4000. Fuel cost and accommodation can be included, but that depends if you like to camp out or have 5 star service before a race day. Add more if you do track days for practices.
  5. If you are in VIc have a sqizz at Preston MC web sirte I think ther eare a few CBR250rr s running in one of their classes..
  6. I agree with Blaringmike and Phongus about costing.

    If you want to race it in modern bikes rather than PCRA, the only real home you'll find is with St George MCC. Two more races to their series this year, the next at WP and then at EC later.

    As far as I know, if you join the club it's very unlikely that they'll turn you away as a member. The worst that could happen is that they'll grid you in an equivalent class but you may not be eligible for trophies.

    This is the link to the next round, if you're serious then I'd recommend you get on the phone to the race secretary - she's a very nice lady, and ask her to help you out.

    Race entry.
  7. thanks for the help

    D1300 i looked at the entry form briefly. Wasn't sure which category the cbr250rr is in as it is 4 cylinder.

    The entry form mentioned race insurance & i guess this will be the biggest issue for me as my I dont think my income protection insurance covers competitive motorsport...

    I plan to do several more track days & i will look into it for next year.

    though the cost & insurance coverage are certainly the 2x major issues i can think of.
  8. As mentioned, you'll need to contact the club and ask where they'll fit you in terms of class.

    You'll need insurance to get your MA licence - it's ambulance cover that they're after. As a road rider you really should consider it anyway.

    Once you get your MA licence, it's pretty much identical cost to doing track days.

    Whenever you're ready, you can post up or send me a pm and I'm happy to give you contact numbers.

    In the meantime, enjoy your tracks day, they're a hoot too!