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CBR250RR Race CDI Unit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Wanting to know if anyone has been able to source CDI units for the CBR250RR as a direct replacement unit.

    I recall these were available from the UK some years ago, but can no longer find a reference to obtain these.
  2. Have you found one yet?

    I'm interested also. my RY model ('96 au comp mc22) could benefit from this maybe...
  3. Yes he did, I recall there was a link that pointed towards a seller on ebay.
  4. yeah that was the same link as the one I posted, I was just wondering if it is the 'race' cdi, and not just a derestricted one.
  5. Bought it, installed it and had the bike tuned and dyno'ed (just for a check).

    It is a race CDI. Brings down the maximum speed, but shifts the curve up by about 8 hp lower in the delivery range.

    End result. The bike takes off fast in second gear, and pulls like a gorilla in third.

    She runs out of puff at about 22,000 RPM and starts to falter! :shock: REDLINE!!

    The CDI does remove the retardation at the top RPM range which means you have to be careful!
  6. hrrm. Should I buy one for my ZXR250?
  7. Pro-pilot,

    have you dyno'd the cbr?

    was wondering if you made any jetting changes.

    I have a perfectly ok bike, so i'd consider the cdi, if it makes a significant difference to the power curve, and doesn't limit my terminal spd.

    :wink: I could use some more midrange to get some more legs on the others out of the corners.... where they catch up and eventually reel in the gap i try to pull on them.

    i guess i'd like to see the differences on paper so i know where the gains and losses are.