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CBR250RR Question...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by josh_182, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Hi there people!!

    This is gonna sound like a noob question :| I own a ZZR250 currently but my mate is moving to WA n has just done up a CBR250RR that looks very very nice n sounds great with an after market exhaust, so I've decided to buy it :)

    Atm I change gearon my ZZR around 9000RPM, I had a ride on the CBR the other day n was doing the same but didn't feel or sound right, I know they have 20000 on the clock so I am kinda thinking I should take it out further before changing gears, what is the rpm range that I should be changing gears on the CBR??

    Thankyou to anyone who replies :)

  2. I only ever change gear when I have to, at redline.

    Your welcome :p
  3. If the revs you change the ZZR are near the red-line, that should be a good guide as to where to change the CBR; a lot further up from there!!!

    You will certainly find yourself changing gear more and more often, to stay within a narrower power band than the ZZR too.
  4. It doesn't really matter what rpm your changing at dude.. just pick the right gear for the right road conditions and your road positioning. The cbr will make its power in the higher rpm. Around 13-16k it gets interesting.When i had my 250rr i remember it had a distinct note change around 9k. The carbs opened up and it just started to move! Sounded nice :D
  5. the RR is a great bike, love mine to bits :)

    for crusing i norm stay around 8-9K on the RPM, i shift up around the 10 - 12 and shift down around 6ish.

    The CBR only really takes off from around 12k so if your giving it some you want to shift around 15k.

    but like others have said, see what works best for you, give it a week or two and youll be right.

  6. peak power for the cbr is at 14,500 with peak torque around 12 is i think. i tend to cruise in the 7-8 range. it still has some get up and go. although mine has a larger rear sprocket.

    at 9000rpm the engine is just coming into it's real powerband. take her to around 15ish, you'll enjoy it much more.
  7. hahaha love it!

    where abouts in Syd are you mate, shoot us off a pm if your up for a ride, also, are you part of the cbr forum?
  8. 9000rpm for zzr = max torque.

    Its more like 12000+ for cbr.

    So to get the same acceleration you need to revv it out more.