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CBR250RR question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Tommi, May 14, 2005.

  1. There is a RR for sale in sydney. its a 1988 model but when i went to get an insurance quote for it there where no double R's for that year? so is the seller lying or is the insurance company wrong?

    the bike has been resprayed. is there anyway i can tell just by looking at it if its a genuine RR.. it looks different to the 1991+ RR's

  2. AFAIK the important information to note is the actual model number (ie. the MC22 or whatever they are... im not that great at picking different CBR's as i have little love/interest in them).

    The insurance company only really wants to know the year and the model number... there's so much rebadging and RR-RRR-RRRR'ing that its rather common to have almost every CBR labelled as a CBR RR.

    Check the VIN number and the import plate... that will have the important information that the insurance company really wants to know. Go inspect the bike, check the import and/or manufacturing plate.
  3. CBR250RR or R Is that the question?

    Hi Tommi,
    I don't know much about them,
    My bro informs me the main and obvious difference is the front disc setup on them,
    CBR250R has One Disc.
    CBR250RR Has Two discs.
    But check this out, is an importer in Brisbane,
    Plently of pics,
    Hope does help.

    CBR250RR, Honda Model MC22

    CBR250R, Honda Model MC19


    PS: I am not trying to advertise anything for those guys, is just the only importer I know that has real bike specs online.
  4. HN0253-1F CBR250RR 88-89 MC19 VORNE
    HN0254-2F CBR250RR 90-99 MC22 VORNE
    HN0254-1R CBR250RR 90-99 MC22 HINTEN

    Try This
  5. thanks for your help guys.. it seems the dealer isnt being 100% honest (or maybe he doesnt know)

    thanks again
  6. A lot of importers repaint the bikes eather here or in japan... To maximise their profit some import damaged bikes and damaged fairings and repair them here... some will also repaint the MC19 (CBR250R) in the original MC22 (CBR250RR) colors and sell them as MC22... Some get a totaly new scheam like the repsol or the CBR600...

    Thanx Vic... I'll check over that page... I'm colecting all the info I can on these bikes... also that page does prove to me... none were ever made after 1994...
  7. I bought a 1997 CBR250RR original Honda import from Matt232's favourite dealer. PS.

    There were 2 available, the Solid Maroon one or the Tri_Colour.

    I had the Tri-Colour, it was even sexier than me :)
  8. it was an R not RR

    the single R's have 2 cyls and the double R's have 4
  9. Wow, thats misinformation in its PUREST form!
    All CBR250's have 4 cylinders. THE END.

    Actually... can we just delete Tommi's post and forget that was even mentioned. Really, its helping him.
  10. more like: single R's have 2 calipers and the double R's have 3??
    or: single R's have 1 front disk and the double R's have 2??
  11. No bud.
    The single R is an MC19 engine, 4 cylinder, and the RR uses an MC22 also a 4 cylinder.
  12. Actualy: MC14 (CBR250FOUR), MC17 (CBR250R(H)), MC19 (CBR250R(J)), MC22 (CBR250RR) all use the same engine MC14E which is a 4 cilinder DOHC. The difference is in the engine covers, cams and tuning...
  13. how come every single R bike on Bikesales.com.au states that it is a "2 cylinder Standard ( 249 cc)"

    and the RR's say "4 cylinder Inline ( 249 cc)"
  14. ps.. im not being rude im just confused
  15. They got their database all screwed up... lol bikes with 5 gears when they have 6 and fiew other things like it...
  16. thats what i figured when you said they all have 4

    thanks for your help lordtb + vic