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cbr250rr project help

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ronin2010, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Hey guy,

    im currently doing a complete rework of my bike after an accident earlier in the year. I have all the fairing off getting sprayed after doing the prep myself, the headers are gonna be sprayed and the muffler polished, the seats reupholstered, all the black plastic pieces were primed and sprayed black, new tyres, and a damn good clean.

    but i need to know how to remove the piece in the picture. Its the top of the handlebars and i need to spray it.



  2. Is that the H frame you were looking at removing?
    If so there are 4 bolts at the mirrors (2 on each side) and if i remember corretly there are 2 on the frame under the tank there. Undo those and the black bit there comes off.
  3. looks like he has circled the top of the triple clamp
  4. Yea i think its a triple clamp.

    I'm also looking to spray it too.
  5. yeh guys sorry about being vague, it is the top of the triple clamp that i wanna get off....

    Is it able to come off without affecting anything?

  6. i don't think it will affect too much,but don't hold me to it

    undo the head stem nut, loosen off the clamps on the top clamp only, remove the bar controls, and slip the top clamp off, at least i'm sure thats all thats needed
  7. My bad..... :oops: