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CBR250RR Pillion seat hinge/bracket (Fellow cbr owners)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by disassembled, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. I noticed that the front of my pillion seat sits unusually high, which allows water into the storage compartment, and seems to give the latch a hard time operating. I always figured that this was a problem with the latch, until i looked into doing some adjustments, and have realised that there must be more to this.

    Could one of the other CBR250RR owners here take a fairly close side on photo of the pillion seat for me to confirm this. Also one of the hinge bracket inside.

    I have the Tyga rear seat cowl kit on now, and when the fibreglass pillion seat cowl it fitted, it also seems to overlap the latch. Not sure if it's just a faulty, or if there's a broblem with the hinge again.

    I wondering if at some point my bike inherited a cbr250r hinge bracket, and it may be slightly different.

  2. Here are some photos



    Hope it helps.
  3. Hey, thanks for those.

    As i thought. The front of my seat sits much higher than that. I looked at another bike and it appears that i have a slightly diffterent seat as well. Although the hinge looks the same as mine.

    My guess is that my pillion seat and hinge have some from a cbr250r for some reason. Will pick up a rr seat and hinge from the wreckers and let you know how i get on.

  4. Ok for future reference, if anyone should come up against this issue.

    I picked up a replacement seat and hinge for $40 from the very friendly chaps at Which bike, adamstown (near newcastle).

    Anyway, yep i was right, bike seems to have a very slightly different hinge and seat on it. The old one was ALMOST identical, so i guess it's from another honda, probably a cbr250r would be my guess.

    Anyway, thanks again Degs for the piccies they were a great help.