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CBR250RR or ZXR250 ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 1kmodem, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I'm going to get my first bike, getting my L's in 1month at Armstrongs.. I would like to know which bike to get for my first bike the CBR250RR or the ZXR250 baby ninja... the pro's and con's will be helpful.
    And where is the best place to look for bikes for sale.
    Melbourne :LOL:

  2. Hey.

    I won't try to talk you out of either, although in my experience you'd be better off on a VTR250 - I'm a RiderSafe instructor (sorry, start yawning now) and I see lots of newbies come to grief on 250 sports tackle. That being said, respect 'em and you'll be fine.

    I'd go for the Honda. Having had experience with both, I believe that the slightly better built quality, tolerances and metallurgy mean that the Honda will last better and give less grief. They rev to what - 18 grand or something? You want a quality engine to go up that high regularly. And no accusations of bias, cause I currently ride a Kawasaki!

    I've had many, many Honda engines apart and even with lots of kays on 'em, give 'em good oil and maintenance and they last forever.

    Whatever you choose, ease into it and do a couple of track days before you go nuts. Track days are great for learning your way around a quick bike.

  3. Oh, by the way 1kmodem, sorry if I jumped in there and tagged you as a newbie - even though you're just getting your L's you may well have been riding since you were 8 years old, so my apologies if I read you wrong.

    Regarding buying a bike, are you comfortable to hit the classifieds? That's the way to go if you're confident and really know what to look for. You'll definitely save some bucks. If you must go to a dealer, my best advice is to go to one that people you know and trust have dealt with and given a good rap. Research the daylights out of prices and models locally on the net before you make a move, and never buy the first bike you see. There are plenty out there, after all.

    Have a great time exploring out there...

  4. There's really not that much difference between the two, you could also look at the Yam FZR250, or any of the nakeds, Honda Hornet 250, Kawa Balius, Suzu Bandit, they're all mosquitos.

    The performance differences will be negligable, what will matter is which one you feel more comfortable on. Go and sit on a couple of bikes, decide which one feels the best for you, then go find a mechanically good one (get it checked) and enjoy your bike...
  5. Ok, here are my thoughs (just to let you know I owned the CBR and my mate had the ZXR, so this may be a little biased)

    CBR Has shorter gear ratios so it seems a little more revier. It also felt very light and nibble in the corners. However, the seat was prob a little to high and hard. All in all it was a beautiful bike.

    ZXR. Felt sluggish cos of it's longer gears, all your hand controls were covered by the air ducting, making it feel a little clostrophobic. Was a bigger bike and you could feel it through corners. But the ride was more comfortable over longer distances.

    So again and again I wouldchoose the CBR, but the ZXR always kept up with me and is a great bike also.

    I hope some of that helps.
  6. Of those two, the Honda. But they're both shit learner bikes.

    The best bike to spend your 15 months on (IMO) is the VTR250. Harder to stall, easier to wheelie, better in traffic, cheaper to crash, locally delivered so the parts arent expensive or impossible to find and they won't be corroded right through from a month in a container ship, mechanics won't refuse to work on them, cheaper to insure, good in the twisties, more comfortable, better turning circle for u-turns and lanesplitting and it won't mash your thumbs against the tank.

    All of the above (apart from the twisties bit) are faults with the CBR or ZX2R. However the two you're after have much better wank factor if you wish to be fooli sik on chappoo street maaaaate.
  7. Good points Pete.

    Particularly the Hornet. Nice bike if you're into the whole naked thing. Oh, and great, big, fat rear tyres.

    Handy little tool to punt through Galston Gorge, I imagine....

  8. Yes im a newbie :] only rode a few bikes overseas but not manual ones... I wont be riding on a daily basis, morely a weekend rider on nice days... I wont be doing anything silly hopefully so no wheelies!... i dont think height will be a problem with a 250cc as I can flat foot my mates R1,R6, GXSR 750, GXSR 600. GO the Chap Laps!! jk
    thanks for your help guys, im leaning towards a cbr250rr 99' tri colour. Any ideas on what I "SHOULD" be paying for one of those? in Melbourne
  9. If it's just for weekend use, you could consider something a little more unique and a whole lot more fun than a cbr or zxr, such as my bike which just so happens to be for sale (in melbourne) :grin:


    As it is a two-stroke it requires more maintenance of course, but nothing beats the sound and the powerband! Also has a fatter rear tyre than a cbr. :p
  10. You 'should' be paying about $3500-4000 for one, but the way the market is, you probably 'will' be paying about $6-7k for it...
  11. The CBR is a decent choice.

    There's no way to give an objective price guide for your location - it varies literally month-to-month. Grab a copy of Just Bikes, get on the net, go to the shops, write down the year, kays and price for each, and compare. You've already achieved the most important thing -settling on a model.

    Why do I always wind up sounding like an old fart?

    Anyhow, do that - you'll learn more about the bikes as you go. And you might even run into a decent dealer who can help you - they are out there, they're not all sharks.

    Enjoy it. Don't hurry too much. Get plenty of fibre in your diet. Rehydrate. Keep warm...

    Oh-oh....old fart again...
  12. zxr and cbr are pretty much the same power in performance. its all about who has the better launch. my bro has a cbr and i have the zxr and the performance is dead even but i believe if i had my bike tuned, it will only beat him by 1/2 a bike.

    cbr is very nibble and small but the zx2r feels alot better around corners. zxr has adjustable front suspension and USD fork and also the riding position of a zxr is more forward like a race bike. ive set up my bike and now it handles like a million dollars.

    ride both bikes and get the one you feel more comfortable with. comfort is a must on your L's to get your skills up. dont forget, its only a 250 so you will want to upgrade to a real bike later.
  13. Not sure our friend 1K is out to set any records.

    I believe that if I had my bike tuned I could beat my brother, too, but I'm undecided whether that's just down to the shops, over a standing quarter or for outright top speed.

    Possibly just down to the shops.......
  14. CBR V/s ZXR. it's really going to come down to one issue.

    What colour do you like best? :wink: :)
  15. CBR or ZXR

    1Kmodem , I owned a CBR-RR as an experienced rider , no idea about the Kwak but realistically they are both modern 4 cyl sports replicas , ergos will be similar , engines will be similar and both should serve you well IF they have been serviced well and YOU CONTINUE to service them well.
    CBR-RR was an official import but the Kwak, nor any definition of it was so parts may be an issue.
    On the issue of the age of the bike there are shit loads of grey imports pretendning to be late model bikes when they are not . The RR for instance stopped production years ago 98 I think so check the Vin plate not the rego label when checking how old the bike is.
    As everyone has said , as a newbie naked is better , cheaper to insure , drop and repair as they will more than likely be a genuine import.
    VTR , Spada, Hornet , Ballius and Bandit are all much better learners , they dont have the wank factor of faired bikes tho.
    In the end "Its youre money Ralph"
  16. Didn't read any posts but yours......

    they are both very good bikes, almost the same in every aspect, just get whatever pops up with lower k's, good service history, and at a good price. Make sure u get it inspected though as i've just spent $750 getting mine up to scratch (all major consuambles jjust about except tires)
  17. Re: CBR or ZXR

    how do i check the Vin number plate? :grin: ( im a newbie )
  18. Re: CBR or ZXR

    There will be an aluminium plate on the frame usually around head stem , if it says complianced on such a date its probably an import , apart from that it would say manufactured date etc etc .
  19. Re: CBR or ZXR

    Actually production stopped in '94 (edit: correction it was '96), but Honda kept selling them as "new" bikes (assembled from left over parts) until '98.
  20. so the 99' tri colour isnt really a 99?

    Another question best place for Insurance for a 22 year old in Melbourne?