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CBR250RR, or CBR500R?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jack7, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, just signed up looking into getting a first road bike. Been riding dirt bikes for like 10 years and almost old enough to get my learners on the road. I'm tossing up between the CBR250RR, or the CBR500R. Not sure what way to go. If anyone could help me out with some pros/cons would be helpful.

    Also, looking into some well priced gear that I can pick up that is quality gear but not really expensive, if anyone could help me out with some brands/items would be awesome.

    Aside that, glad to join and going to stick around.

    P.S: If this is in the wrong section sorry, new here and couldn't find anywhere else to post it. :x


  2. welcome aboard :] cant give much advice on the bikes, as for the gear just keep checking stores first to try various pieces to see what suits then to look for the bargains when you know.

    Im not sure of what outlets you might have in Sydney.
  3. Get the 500 mate. More torque means u won't have to be revving it as much and it will be better in taking off and getting up hills etc
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  4. Do you definitely mean the CBR250RR? If thats the case remember that most of those bikes are coming up to 20 years old now. If your a hands on guy and able to pull them apart and do engine work then it probably won't be much of a problem. If your paying someone to do the work however the costs could add up quite quickly.

    If your talking about the newer CBR250R, then the 500 would be a much better ch0ice if thats in your budget range. It will have a lot more power and torque and will be a much better bike all round.
  5. I vote the 500R.
    When I was shopping for bike my heart was set on getting a babyblade. I saw 7 examples from all over the city.
    They were all thrashed to sh*t, rusty chain here, warped discs there, fork seals leaking, this and that leaking, obvious signs of crashes with really dodgy attempts to cover it up.
    Some look great on the outside but on closer inspection you can see how badly maintained a lot of them are.
    The bike seems to attract idiots (lol me included). I got fed up trying to find a good clean example.
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  6. Hi Mate, I own the CBR500R. I don't see the CBR250R as comparable when the Ninja 300 exists. The 300 twin beats the 250 single in almost every aspect. When it comes to the CBR500R tho, I can say it is a fantastic bike. I have just ticked over to 8000km a on mine and it is fantastic! I have ridden a good few bikes in the past, with only having put similar k's on an ER-5 and I would chose the CBR over it any day.

    With regards gear, comfort is king. Make sure you have gear that fits you well and suits your needs. If you have any specific questions regards the CBR500R drop me a line.
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  7. This shouldn't need to be asked... go the 20 year old 250cc screamer you'll have much more fun, it'll keep going after you drop it, slide it, whatever.

    I've ridden the er6n lams and was bored to tears within minutes, I cant see the cbr500r being any different.
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  8. I have a 250r and its a blast.

    Depends on your usage.

    Are you a speed freak, will you commute on the bike, will the bike only do twisties or only track days? If top speed/comfort/commuting/touring is what your looking for get a larger CC. If you get kicks from revving the rings off the bike up to redline. the 250 will be great fun and will put smiles on your face.
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    Last edited: Nov 10, 2014
    Thanks for all the inputs. Looking more interested in the CBR500R but it's like double the price of the CBR250RR, not much power difference. So not sure, so hard to make my mind up. Looking for a powerful fun bike, that's loud but new. :/
  10. Yeah motard. 100%
  11. I have the 500......love it!

    If you're looking at new bikes, I think the 250 has been discontinued. 300 only now.
  12. Hi there,

    I had all of the 2 bikes including the old cbr250rr that is a screamer.

    Cbr500rr hands down is my advice to you.

    Old cbr250rr is a better quality build but being carburetor and old makes it a no contest
  13. I also agree with conorkc
  14. Only reason I would take the 250 over the 500 is if I couldn't afford a 500. The 500 beats the 250 in every department except for price and weight

    Kind regards
  15. Old thread revival fyi

    But I disagree, they are two completely different beasts. I believe that he is referring to the old cbr250rr, not the newer cbr250r.