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CBR250RR, Oil filter spring position?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Al Bundy, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Yesterday i changed the oil in my CBR250RR,
    I was just wondering if the spring for the oil filter is supposed to go underneath or above the oil filter? I should have paid more attention when i was pulling it apart..

    When i upgrade to a new bike i need to get one with a maintenance manual..

    Thanks for any help..

  2. On my GS500 it goes above (or ater the oil filter goes in) the filter.
    The filter should fit onto a tap like tube inside the casing, this is where the oil filters through the filter. The spring then fits onto the filter holding i in place.
    Dont tighten the bolts of the oil filter casing too much, they heat up when the oil heats up, and will become extremly tight
  3. Thankyou,

    That is what i did yesterday,
    I had a look at how it works and used that to try and figure out what way to put it back together.. but just thought it was best to double check, to make sure i did it right.

    Thanks :grin:
  4. No problems, it better to double check than to be sorry :grin:
  5. the spring then the washer then the filter.
  6. hmm, e, you got me worried, i dont think i did it the way you suggested, and have been riding my bike since...

    i just rang up a local bike shop, liverpool sydney city motorcycles, and they said put the filter on the shaft, then the washer, then the spring.. then once these are assembled in that order lift the whole lot up into the bike..

    it seems logical to me that the filter goes on the shaft first, but i think(not entirely sure) that the spring and washer were on the shaft before the filter when i pulled it apart..

    everytime im riding it, im worrying that i put it back together wrong.. although i know it wont make any immediate damage, and ive only done about 70ks since...

    p.s. this is a very stupid problem to be haveing.. i should have paid more attention...

    at the moment its

    plate with shaft->
  7. Did mine on the weekend. Was drop down filter housing, then spring on the shaft, then washer then filter. Washer is to protect the rubber seal on the bottom of the filter from damage from the spring.
  8. the is a o ring there and some bike dont have the spring because some idiots lost them when they were doing tune up it not that big deal if you dont have it
  9. How the hell do you "Loose" a 10cm long 30mm diamater spring?
  10. mate some people do i repair them all the time