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CBR250RR not starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by blaringmike, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I've had my CBR250 since August last year and I never had any problems with starting it until about 6 weeks ago. In the mornings it just wont start. The started motor kicks over fine but the engine just wont kick. The battery has plenty of life as you can tell from the strong starter motor but the bike just wont start. I have to push start it down the driveway. Onces its going its fine and I can start it first time at any stage during the day after that. Even if its been in the garage for 6+ hours it will still start.

    I've been using Premium unleaded in the bike since I bought it and was reading in another post that this may foul the plugs on older bike. Could this be an issue? What other factors might be causing this?


  2. Try starting her with the fuel cap swung open. Could be a vaccum issue.
    Also give it one quick twist of the throttle before using the ignition, full choke and only blip the starter motor.
  3. Batteries can do weird things when they are on the way out. I would double check it first. If you have time and a charger, next time it wont start, give it a charge and see if it'll start then.

    Otherwise if you are handy with a multimeter, test the battery and i'm sure someone could advise if the readings are normal or not?
  4. Immediately use up as much fuel as you can out of the tank (or drain it into a can and put it in your car), and put in some FRESH PLAIN unleaded.

    That'll fix about 60% of bikes which won't start properly.

    Another 30% of bikes with starting trouble have an old worn-out battery
    or a faulty one.

    The other 10% need something more complicated done.

    The reason is, when you park it, the small amount of fuel in the carburettors which is ready to use, goes stale over a few days, and won't burn. Eventually after your starting efforts and moving the bike, some better fuel from the tank is fed in and it starts.
    Fuel in the tank also goes stale, but it takes longer (weeks to months depending on the fuel and the bike).
    Premium fuel goes stale much more quickly than regular.