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CBR250RR Not riding straight

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by lextsy, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    Today I inspected a aussie spec 1997 cbr250rr with 49000kms on it. On arrival it is evident the bike has been looked after or so it seems.

    The paint is really nice and looks really clean. The tyres are good and everything looks in order however there are two things i have noticed

    1) When riding it pulls to the right and when i move to the let it swings right even more. The bike has been dropped on the left hand side so i not sure if this is the cause. Does anyone know the general reason why a bike can pull to the right.

    On inspection of the wheel it seems like the wheel is pointing to the right more than the left when you compare it agaisnt the middle of the front lower fairing.

    Now I put a $200 deposit on the bike being told the bike was mechanically A1 and after seeing this I need to sort out what I am going to do.

    If it is just the case of a bent fork I can get it repaired however what else could be the cause of the bike veering right. Worst case scenario the guy refuses to give me my money back and I lose $200 which is fine however If it is generally a simple fix then I can negotiate a lower price.

    issue 2)

    When revving the bike out it is incredibly loud. I have owned 2 cbrs before and it has never seemed so loud. The loudness seems to be coming from the engine tho and not the exhaust. This bike still has the stock exhaust on it too.

    I would have thought a cbr with an aftermarket exhaust would be louder but this bike seems like its going to explode thats how lod the engine seems.

    Does anyone think this is an issue or it is just how they are.

    Thanks for the advice.
  2. By whom ? :?
    Sounds to me it may have an issue with the the front forks ( bent) ? or worse .. the frame :shock:
    Get it looked at by someone reputable.
    Issue 2: see above
  3. My advice is much more simple; run like hell in the opposite direction.
  4. May very well be the best option Paul.
    Could save :facepalm: up the track
  5. CBR

    Sounds like it has some issues. Even if you don't get your deposit back it sounds like it would be best left alone.
  6. hey sidecar, it was your birthday yesterday, sorry I didn't post it up :(.
  7. Yup.
  8. I spoke to the guy who said he just took it to the mechanic and they apparently checked everything and it pulls right because of uneven wear on the front tyre and i asked how it got like that in the first place and i was told it was because he takes right hand corners more lol

    I dont buy this for one second.
  9. I just rang the shop he broguht it too which is NRP motorcycles in kirawee.
    I spoke to the mechanic who told me it is quite common for bikes to veer to the due to road camber and the fact we drive on the left hand side of the road.

    He said he then kicked the wheel to possibly straighten it up a bit lol. I asked if there is a bent fork and he said he had a look but could see nothing.

    Of all the other 7 bikes ive owned every bike rides straight but this just pulls right.

    Does anyone live up near kirawee or bangor that could possibly have a look or know of any bike inspection guys aroung that area?
  10. did you check to see if the mechanic had the same last name as the seller? coz that sounds like A-1 bullshit!
  11. lol i know. The seller has agreed to pay for the inspection out of my deposit so an inspection dude is coming at 2pm to look at the bike and once he tells me there is so much wrong i can start negotiating
  12. CBR

    Mmmmmmm. Run away! Sounding dodgier by the minute.
    Yep Hornet, sat down & watched Phillip Island & had a few coldies with some mates. :cool:
  13. lextsy: did YOU choose the inspection dude, or did he?
  14.  Top
  15. hey guys

    the inspection was done and it was all positive. the guy said it rides really well but the front bearings are worn and may be causing the bike to veer a bit. He said everything else is in really good nick but the front tyre is a bit worn on the right more than the left.

    This bike is a 1997 cbr250rr aus spec with 50000kms on it and will cost me 3900 then i have to fix the bearings i guess.

    The guy called his mechanic and the mechanics said its not worth changing because they arent that worn. My problem is now im still buying a bike which veers to the right
  16. try and pressure him into getting the bearings changed before the sale and included in the 3900. for that price and that kms, it is still a good price. if he says why, say that the bike doesnt go bloody straight. if he still refuses, offer 50/50 on the price of the change, but if he is keen to sell, then he will do it. it cant be more than a 100 buck job could it? if he tells you to get screwed, just buy it as is and do it yourself for the price of a few beers + parts

  17. Don't buy it. You are being scammed. How many times do you need to be told?
  18. +1