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CBR250rr no spark, not running, turning over

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cbr250tt, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. recently bought a '99 cbr250rr that wasnt running. Cleaned the carbie and high pressure washed the whole bike with few cans of degreaser. Changed sparks, oil and filter, flushed coolant.
    New cables and grips found out that my handle bar is a tiny tiny bit bent so the throttle tube wasnt rotationg smoothly.
    I decided to spray the on off switch so I took it apart cause its fading along with the top tripple clamp.
    But ive run into some more problems and its stressing me out cause I just want to hear the bike live.!

    After cleaning the carbie and getting a new lithium battery 220cca.. I found that the bike was not sparking. What could the cause be? Ive checked fuses in the air duct fine.. Im thinking coils and ignitors or the control box but im not sure how to troubleshoot the cause.. My voltage on around 11v now and needs to be charged. Still turns over but not for long untill I get the clicking noises. So maybe I should have. Hecked the spark before the voltage dropped

    Any help would be appreciated
    1. Go and introduce yourself in the welcome lounge.
    2. Charge the battery, if the charger is a smart charger make sure it does not have a desulphation mode, that will stuff lithium batteries.
    3. Check the spark by pulling a spark plug and lead out and resting the base of the plug on the frame. Check for a nice solid spark.