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CBR250RR Newest addition to the garage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Climbatize, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Hey guys this is my CBR had it for about a month now.
    Was under the impression was an oz delivered but the bike place in Dandenong told me its an import. Got a megacycle muffler on it just last week and makes riding a little more fun.. well.. alot more fun! :grin:

    I'm a 4am riser for work but hope i can make it to the melb thurs cruises every so often.





  2. I like the look with the black wheels! Enjoy your ride!
  3. Nice. I've got a soft spot for cbrs :)
  4. Sweet bike dude!
  5. Nice bike. You're bike reminds me how good my bike could look when i get my new fairings. As my old ones flew off when I did 160kph :p .
  6. hehe nice ride man, got the same bike and roughly owned for a month too :woot:
  7. lol flew off? .. bolt loose?
  8. Nice ride! I've always thought the CBR250RR is a great looking bike.

    I got a CBR250R 1987 myself. You know the one with the square headlight at the front? Yeah I know, its ugly, but it was cheap, and if I dropped the thing or had a crash on it, $3000 wouldn't have hurt as much as $5000 :)

    But seeing yours makes me think back to last year and wonder what if I'd bought that nice shiny RR for $5000.......
  9. nice, saw one of them riding out of the kings way tunnel into the city yesterday at about 6.30, wasn't you was it?

    Anyway hope she treats you well :wink:
  10. hi mate

    nice ride, it's exactly like mine! yours has the aussie delivered colour scheme, however the only real way to tell is by the build date and the vin plate as it could have just been painted up.
    looks really nice though!
  11. from memory the AUS CBR's are the same colour as yours... they are 97-2000???

    shweeet bike anyways.
  12. Correct (I think it was 97-99, but near enough); Once Honda stopped selling them in Japan, Australia got the leftovers through Honda officially. We're getting the same treatment right now with the last of the 2006 VTR1000 Firestorms and Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbirds.

    So, all Australian-delivered CBR250RRs will be in the red/blue/white tricolour scheme, but it's possible for a tricolour to be a private import.

    Non-tricolour bikes are almost certainly respray jobs by importers.
  13. Its exactly like my Cibby :)

    If it is an Aus delivered, the compliance plate will list Honda Australia as the importer.

    Love the car as well!!
  14. hahahah awesome man, i am getting my cbr250rr this week i am so excited!!!! except now i am doubting its an RR, it has a smokin joes replica purple yellow colour scheme with the 5 spoke wheels but i cant re3member what the compliance plate said... :S
  15. can always do a last check before buy :) if not happy return :)
  16. Look at the shape of the tail, the bulkier one is the R, the more streamlined higher tail is the RR, that's a good immediate giveaway. Dont ever believe the paintjobs! Better yet, get a GS500 that's only a few years old for the same price of another bike that's 20 years old!

  17. L's = nothing over 250cc... T_T

  18. ahhhhhh, great policy at work! Better off people buy bikes with 20yr old brakes than 5. Doesn't leave many options then!!
  19. There's a reason why they are a popular bike, looks clean mate enjoy it.
  20. LOL 20 year old brakes indeed.......... gotta love em *shakes head*