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CBR250RR - New to netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Quo Vadas, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    Thought i'd join netrider and introduce myself to a new circle of people within the motorbike fraternity.
    Purchased my first bike - CBR250RR (picture below) and am having a great time learning both the bike and the in's & out's riding in traffic. Only had my licence for a couple of months now and have been commuting to work everday since I got it. Not at all miss driving my Skyline GTR and think I am well and truly hooked on riding!
    Look forward to meeting people on Netrider and going for long rides (I live in Elwood) and learning from well seasoned veterans who can guide and make me a better rider.
    Nice to meet you all.............

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  2. That's a truly nice-looking baby-Blade, Damian.

    but, 'quo vadas'?? surely you mean 'quo vadIs'???
  3. welcome mate :)
  4. Hi Hornet,

    Thanks on the bike - I like.
    Quo Vadis was taken when I was registering the business name - Quo Vadas was the next best thing.
  5. Welcome to NR
  6. Entirely fair explanation =D>
  7. Very tidy little CBR!
  8. nice bike, my little brother has a yellow one, always fun to take it for a bit of a spin :D i have seen one with the same color scheme parked at LTU in bundoora and for a second thought it might have been you! but elwoods a long way from latrobe uni so probably not!
  9. Welcome to NR Damian.

    Little beauty you have there nice and clean.

    love the look!
  10. Thanks everyone for welcoming me. Had my first ride home from work today in a hell of a thunderstorm and am glad to finally get a wet ride under my belt. Riding when the rain is pelting down, massive puddles across lanes and navigating tram tracks was a good learning curve. The rain cleaned my bike just nicely too.
  11. That is a nice looking bike, congrats. I am new to the forum as well, though I have been riding now for 4 years. My first and only bike is a Suzuki GS500E from 2002. I have not put up pictures yet, but I will. I am currently making a map of routes ridden by riders from all over the world. I know you are new at this, but if you ride in a fun area and want to share it with the riding community please post where you road at allstate insurance route or allstate insurance moto. The map works just like google, but you can set courses that are not on roads for off road routes. I am an affiliate of allstate and thus I am using their web pages for this. Thanks and congrats again on the new bike.

  12. nice work riding home in the storm, i went home early to miss it (any excuse right? hehe)
  13. I've come partially around to the Cheffie point of view that you post up your favourite roads at your peril. Turning a good B or C grade road into a black spur or reefton has consequences.
  14. i been saying that for long time now and imo nr should ban uploading maps

    btw welcome to nr and that is one tidy lookng cbr