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CBR250RR- New Muffler Can ??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tip Of The Spear, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    I have a 99' CBR250RR and I am looking to buy a new muffler can or exauhst with PEFORMANCE written all ova it!
    I currently have the Standard pipe but it has a large graze on it.

    Can anybody help me out plz?

  2. 1) It's a 250, it doesn't have performance :p
    2) It's a 4, the note has no where near the sex appeal of a twin ;)

    I haven't really looked into prices but i think they are pretty expensive, like thousands for a good one.
  3. No doubt about that, 4s sound shithouse. Only reason i bought a can for mine was for appearance.
  4. Them cbrs are highly tunned from the factory as is, get a yoshi can, there quite loud, a friend has one, can hear it a mile away, though you might need to get the carbs rejetted to get the most out of it.
  5. Ok sweet.

    So a yoshi can u reackon? How much would they go for and where could I pick one up?
    and to put it on do i just unbolt the old one and replace it?

  6. Good luck finding a yoshi for a cbr250rr they're as rare as hens teeth and most people selling them know this.
    Your best bet of getting a decent performance pipe for a babyblade is either a megacycle muffler or a roo racing pipe which are very similar, both are Very loud and really scream at 18,000rpm and both have a deep idle note.

    For an RR You can just unbolt your old pipe and attach the new one for a single R you have to cut off the old muffler and weld on a flange for the new muffler to fit.
  7. You'll be looking at $700 bucks plus for a new performance can. I once considered doing the same for my little 250 but I think i'll just get it re-skinned and polished (mine has a big ass graze on it too)

    It just isn't worth investing the money in something that isn't really going to improve performance.

    But if you've got money to burn, go ahead because it will sound pretty sweet!