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CBR250RR Modding

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Richi, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    just joined up here at NR and am very happy to see the wealth of knowlage here :)

    so my questions start now :LOL:

    due to my laziness and unorganization.....i have let my L's slip and have to be on em for another 12 months now so i thought..i might as well spruce up the old CBR :D

    its in the workshop now due to petrol getting into the engine : /
    but should be ready on monday...so i was thinkin of doing a few things to her...

    1) I have been looking at the full tyga fairings and see that B components here in Melbourne stock them,

    so i was wondering if anyone has done it through them and what kind of cost I am looking at for the parts, also do they fit them or does anyone know someone that can?

    and a respray of black for the new fairings and also my fuel tank which is currently blue/silver...

    so in a nutshell...broad question but could anyone give me a rough price of all this and recommend anywhere to get it done?

    also i am looking for an exhaust or full system...

    cheers all :D
  2. How much did u pay for the bike.
    Thats about how much tyga kit, paint job and full exhust system will cost ya.
  3. i thought petrol was supposed to go into the engine? :?

    yeah get the tygas they look sick and paint em black too like that ghostrider guy. :twisted: mad :cool: :biker:
  4. Hey guys,

    Zbike - Yea i had thought whether it's worth it...but im gonna have this for another year so i don't mind putting some cash into her now...

    pt - it appears petrol does go into the engine.....nowwwww ;P
    i ran the tank dry the other day, filled it up with a can from the servo...bike owuldnt start, next morning pertol was dripping out of the carby overflow, i checked the dipstick and.....full of petrol???????

    ok with this tyga... i've priced it at $1560 for the whole lot so that is kinda ok.

    b components also have a carbon muffler for $395 so will get that after...

    only thing left is a respray of either all black or follow the current theme, blue and silver...

    anyone got any idea how much the respray is about???

    so ill be getting the tyga in about a month, anyone here actually installed one of these and wants to help me out? earn some c-c-c-cash :D

    cheers all!
  5. check ebay for exhausts before payinf $400 for one. Ive had my eye on something like this for my CBR, much better price :p
  6. :shock: