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cbr250rr idle problems??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by getnkd, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Hi yall i ride a cbr250rr 1990s model n i compared it with some of my mates cbr250rr n theyre idle seems to be perfect n steady where as for me my idle goes up n down slighty from the 1500RPM mark. It sounds like its about to stall sometimes or like its about to die even though its been warmed up properly n such .. could any1 please tell me what might be the problem or how i can fix it? thanks

  2. im guessing this is in neuteral. what happens when u pull in the clutch. you havent been playing around with the idle knob or have your choke pulled?
  3. nah its like that all the time neutral, at lights, i turned the idle knob jus abit cause it keep going down and stalled n i usuali use the choke wen its cold to get it started but thats about it .
  4. Maybe there's cracks in the rubber boots surrounding the carburettors.
  5. yea one of my mates said its probably the carbs, is that a large problem?? n how much yu think it might cost to fix??
  6. choke cable might not be closing fully, if its warm and choke isnt fully close it can do that
  7. yeahh thers sumfin wrong cause like sometimes wen its cold i rev to about 6000rpm or so it drops reali reali low n sometimes even stalls? wat hell aye??
  8. It probably won't be an expensive fix. At least not in parts anyway.

    Often the cause is simply dirty carbs. They just need to be disassembled and cleaned, and maybe the O-rings replaced. Then they'll probably need to be rebalanced. A quicker solution is to run some carby cleaner through them.

    However another cause is the boots sealing the carburetors. They eventually perish and crack, leaking unmetered air into the engine. It usually only makes a difference at idle because only a small amount of air is moving.
    More details here: http://cbr250.com/cbr250/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=56645&SearchTerms=idle
  9. cheers megaphat!!! i got alil worried bout my bike .. thanks for yur info .. alil bit of relief now hahaa ! yeah il read the post from the link n il tell my bike mechanic to check it all out ..

    thanks again! :)
  10. lol kinda broke atm :( , isit bad if im riding around wif this type of problem??
  11. Check what the idle should be. 1500 sounds a bit low for a 250/4. I think closer to 2000 would be right.

    At least do a carbie balance if 1500 is where it is supposed to be. Run a tank of e-10 through it. then do the balance.

    If you still have a problem, then do a strip, clean and balance. Check all fuel hoses and vacuum hoses whilst you are at it.
  12. Mine constantly ran about 2k and would dip to 1500 every few seconds, was told by a few people that it was normal... never had an issue with the bike otherwise :)
  13. i idle by 250rr at 1500, idle knob
  14. isit bad to ride wif this particular problem???
  15. Standard Idle on a 250RR is 1500rpm +/- 100rpm.

    It will not hurt riding it around, quiet annoying tho when they wont idle.

    Nine times out of ten a CBR250r/rr with poor idle, or searching idle will be needle's/seats in the carb, a ballance, dirty carbys and or Pilot screw settings etc.

    But can also include such fun items as poor valve clearance, filthy air filters etc and the stuff others have covered already.
  16. sorry for my newbness ! but what easier way can i use for some "carby cleaner" ???


  17. go to stupid crap auto, autobarn, kmart, coles...etc and get whats called carbie and fuel injector cleaner. follow directions and add to tank with petrol.

    either that or run some 98 fuel in

    or not worry about it