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CBR250RR - How many kms on full tank?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jate, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I have a CBR250RR, and I'm only achieving around 120-140km
    from a full tank before switching over to reserve. that seems really low for me.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else with the same bike is getting similar numbers or higher?

  2. way too low....im getting 240 - 270 depending on how I ride it.....

    Usually fillup at 250
  3. the clutch is on the left handle bar, and the gear lever down in front of the left footpeg :LOL:

    where are you filling it up to? and whats is the bike running like? when you twist the throttle does smoke come out the back?
  4. HAHA. Thanks for the tip qbnspeedfreak! Appreciate It!

    I'm filling it up At Shell / Mobil and into that big hole at the top! u know.. the Fuel tank! :)

    I think the bike is running fine, but that could just be that my ears aren't good enough to spot anything wrong. Anyone know a good service centre/mechanic in the Melbourne south-east/east suburbs?
  5. i think i have the same problem as you, i got the bike to 200km's before it broke down on me(i had the reserve switch up the whole time, :( only released when i filled up), though i just started riding & i havn't really been riding very fuel efficiently lol & i don't think i filled the tank the whole why up the first time(kind of not ust to the idea of holding the pump so high up to get it full), if you find a good mech could you please post up the location i wouldn't mind giving them a look,
  6. if your not getting at least 220 out of your tank then there is something wrong. i use to get about 240 before switching to reserve and that was riding nearly at red line the whole time and over 300 when riding conservativly.
  7. I can usually get anywhere from 180 to 280 before switching to reserve, and depending how it's being ridden. I wouldn't have thought that riding it hard would have made such as difference, but it seems to.
  8. Me (when i used to have one) and all the people i've spoken to got about 200 - 220 before hitting reserve... dunno how people got 300 :shock: maybe running ultra lean... :?
  9. dude, the 100km mark is way too low. you might have a leaky fuel tank, or a crack in your fuel lines.

    my MC19 was able to get 200km until it hit reserve. My mate's MC22 goes for another 30 or so before hitting reserve.
  10. I was getting 300 out of mine before filling it (just to be on the safe side).
    I got 360 out of it once and then wondered why I hadnt switched to reserve.
    Thats because it already was :shock:
    I stopped at the next servo and filled it. I'd never put that much fuel into it ever.
  11. There are some cbr secrets in filling the tank - basically put your boot under the sidestand so the bikes level when you fill it, then the last litre is about the hardest - slowly filling it up while you wait for the bubbles to escape.

    often I would end up with fuel overflowing from the tank when the cap went back in and the bike leaned over - Also made a mistake trying to fix the little rubber flapper valve in the cap - and now it's non-flapper. Bit of a pain that.

    anyway, given that I am low mileage I expect that the fuel consumption is pretty much standard, as I havent f*kd with the jetting and the bikes still mechanically std.

    I'm regularly filling up around 230-240km with this practice (commuting only)
    and I have not hit reserve.

    I used to get 215-220 before hitting reserve, when I lived in Vegas, and regularly thrashed nebo-glorious etc.

    it all comes down to how much fuel can one shove into the tank.

    riding down from vegas to syd, i got about 270 before I had a mental panic button and filled up. there was about a litre in the tank (so it was probably close to reserve.

    the state of tune hasn't changed, but the filling up methods have.

    If you're only getting sub 150km tanks, I'd be looking for leaks @ the fuel line, poorly setup carbs and lastly the filling-up practice.

    you should get 200km before you hit reserve, even if you fill to the first click.

    Take the bike for a good hard fang, to clear it's throat, and when you get back -
    Suggest you have a good look @ your tailpipe residue colour (should be chocolate brown, not oily or overly sooty), sparkplug insulators for colour (light tan, no carbon on the plug - or worse, wet plugs) and for excessive black dust / smoke from the exhaust under hard rev / throttle applications. All the usual indicators that you're running rich. any one of these indicates it's running rich.

    or you could do what the strokers do and thats a plug-chop, but this can be risky from a license perspective (and sometimes a running out of road perspective)

    Oh, and book it in for a service and dyno. this is probably the easiest thing to do if you haven't the time or tools to do it.
  12. I am only getting 100-140 out of my ZXR250. It is probably running a tad rich as it sometimes backfires, but the exhaust is clean - no smoke at all. I have not checked the plugs lately, but when I removed the plugs after buying the bike, they were fouled. It does seem to be pulling fairly poorly, as the power does not really pick up until about 10-12k RPM, and the throttle response doesn't seem very instant at all. If I grab the throttle, the revs come up, but not at all in a 'snappy' way.

    The last owner put a massive rear sprocket on it, and I spend most of my time fairly high in the revs (the average RPM is probably well above 10000, and perhaps above 12000) - could this be the cause, or at least a substantial contributing factor?

    If I take it to a dyno shop would the people there be able to figure out the problem for me?
  13. I topped up my 250 hornet ( same engine as the CBR I believe ) . got 7.5L in at 150km. This converts to 20km per Litre of fuel or 320km to a tank ( 16L ). :shock: needless to say I was surprised.
  14. Once I used 12.9L of the 13L available (including reserves) in 170km, but i have a few witnesses to say i was really ringing its neck nearly none stop the whole way. Other then that I generally got at least 230km's out of a tank and up to 360km's out of a tank. I tend to be very generous with the right hand. If you are getting less then 200 odd kays out of a tank then i think your bike has some issues which you may want to get checked out.

    Does your bike run smoothly? Does it seem to feel sluggish at times? Do you find it has leaked something on the ground overnight?