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CBR250RR How do I empty the fuel tank?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by e, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Hi guys, planning on respraying the tank on my CBR... how do I empty out the tank? or do I need to?

  2. If you're leaving the tank on the bike to respray it then there's really no need to drain it. If you're removing the tank though then it's a good idea to drain it just to prevent fuel spillage. Should be fairly easy to find where the tank connects to the fuel tap - just disconnect that hose and let it drain into a suitable container.
  3. thanks jd,

    I thought there was a way to do this without having to disconnent the hose?

    There is a hose pointing down under the bike I was told this was used to drain the tank. I just dont know how to do it?
  4. Only other way I can think of to drain the tank would be too connect up a length of tube to one of the carby drains - then set the fuel tap to ON or PRI and open the drain. Length of hose under the bike's probably the airbox drain - you don't want to drain the tank through the airbox :shock: :LOL:.
    Edit: Of course you could always just siphon the fuel out through the filler cap.
  5. ha ha ha....

    so what is the "fuel tank drain tube" used for?
  6. It's called "the twisties"
  7. The what?

    The only fuel related tube I know of that hangs down under the bike is the overflow. It will come out that tube if you over fill the bike. :wink:

    To empty you tank is best to pick a time when you've used most of it anyway. Take the tank off the bike (with the tap turned 'off' or 'on' in your case as it think you have 'on', 'res' and 'pri'), open the cap to improve air flow and switch the fuel tap to 'on' or on 'pri' in your case while holding it over a bucket. :)

    Tip: It takes a while to get the fuel out. Rather than sitting there to hold the tank, I balance it on bricks over the container and go and do something else while I wait. :)
  8. Or if you block the breather and suck on it really hard. Go on, try it :LOL:.
  9. I'll say to you what I say to my students. "I'm ugly, not stupid." :LOL:
  10. i'm not aware of the PRI position on a CBR. i've only seen on, off and RES for the CBR250.

    to empty out your fuel tank, you'll have to siphon it. you get get a siphoning kit from kmart if you are not too keen on using the traditional method.
  11. i usually jam a peice of garden hose down the filler hole then blow across the opening of the garden hose(venturi effect)with compressed air and it syphons out