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CBR250RR - Few issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by justified, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Hey,

    Just purchased a CBR250RR.

    Awesome bike! Very enjoying to ride. Highly recommended! haha

    But I've come across an issue.

    The switch that switches the headlights between HI and LO beam doesnt seem to be working. The light doesn't turn to HI beam when the switch is pushed in. HOWEVER, the 'pass' button works to turn on the HI beam. Any idea what could be wrong? I don't really want to go around riding in a dark country road for half an hour holding onto the 'pass' button with my left index finger. Wouldn't be too comfortable..haha

    Also, The temperature gauge doesn't seem to light up. MOST likely due to the bulb being busted?!haha. Anyone know what size bulb it is?

    Finally, when i switch on my RIGHT indicator, its normal - However, when I switch on the LEFT indicator, it flashes alot quicker. What would be causing this?

  2. Switch could be bodgy, Pull it apart maybe? Not sure.
    I find a spray of wd40 works to clear connections of water, and sometimes helps clean switches when you have them apart. Works wonders on trialer connections, they always seem dodgy.
  3. Whenever an indicator starts flashing quicker than normal it means one indicator is out on that side. It is due to extra current being supplied to the working bulbs.
  4. That's what I initially thought. But then all 4 indicators are working.
  5. Gotta be in the switch ..
    re: flash rate .. Try removing all globes and cleaning contacts inside the lense assembly, check for poor earth/power connections
  6. Is there any way of opening up the switch and checking the connections?or do I have to buy another one?
  7. You can open her up and take a look .. however, be prepared to fit another. In fact .. check to see you can get one fairly quickly before you attempt to pull it apart. Esp if you are a daily commuter. You don't wanna be stuck without wheels :)