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CBR250RR Fairings

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Haider, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Hey Lads + Ladies :)

    Recently Some cage pulled out a swift U-turn giving me a good 20 metres to brake, needless to say I hit him but only at about 15-20 kph

    Had a quote turns out it was a write off, new fairings, front brake lever, exhaust, right pegs all took a hit when the bike fell to the right.

    Insurance company helped me alot they are giving me 3.5k for the bike and I get to keep it.

    Trying to find somewhere I can get new fairings or near new for the CBR250RR, I'll post pics later today to show colour + damage, I want to repair the bike for re-sell value and general looks.

    Thanks fellas
  2. Official honda fairings are generally available, but expect to spend a couple of grand if you want the 'real' ones.

    So yeah, best route would be aftermarket. You can find prepainted fairings which match all of honda's colours and a lot of common aftermarket colours. Cost about $600 delivered, and I've heard they normally have a pretty decent finish.

    However, I've heard a LOT of stories of mounting points not quite lining up right, needing drilling/modification, or just flat out not fitting. Expect to have to twist and bend to get them on.
  3. +1 to that...

    And any levers, exhaust etc, can be gotten from the wreckers... But really... do you NEED to get those parts, if its banged up, its not gonna be worth replacing the whole thing if it still works... its only a 250, replace when you upgrade :)
  4. If the australian dollar was stronger, a tyga kit would be good value. I've seen tyga kitted 250's sell for 6 grand.

    But with our dollar, on a written off bike, it probably won't be worth it imo.
  5. I Fix and paint fairings and would be able to help you out in one of two ways. It maybe that the fairings can be repaired but depending on the damage this can often be an expensive option because its labor intensive and the bike would still need paint and decals in the end.

    The best option is as other have suggested and that's to buy aftermarket fairings and have them fitted. This way they come with all the decal and pretty much are ready to just bolt on. Beware though that for older bikes like the CBR the aftermarket fairings have a fitment % of only 95%. This often mean that the mounting holes either need to be modified or re-drilled to make them fit. Also on some of the cheaper ones made by dodgy manufacturers the decals and paint wont match well across the panels.

    I offer a fitment and paint match service and am able to guarantee the fairings will fit when fitted in my workshop. My site has pictures of my own GSXR750 with new aftermarket corona fairings fitted and the tank color matched if you wish to have a look.
  6. Whats that place that specialises in LAMS bikes called?
    i got fairings for my FZR off them a couple of years ago and they were fairly priced, although i got them unpainted and just threw a coat of 2K with a bit of flex aditive in it on them and it didn't really hurt resale too much, and was easy a sub 2K job.