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cbr250rr fairings

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by n1ck, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. hey guys.. does anyone know how much honda cbr250rr fairings costs?? reason for asking is because i was wondering if i decided to buy a cbr250rr and i happen to drop it, how much would i'd be looking to fix the bike.. see i actually like the cbr250rr, but so far i've been thinking bout the maintenance fee, as a newbie i would drop the bike (hope not!!) but theres a big chance, and was afraid that it would cost alot to get it fix.. but recently i thought, what the heck!! so i might get the cbr250rr anyway!!.. thanx heaps guys!!

  2. They're pretty pricey, i just paid 220 for a top fairing and the sides usually go for 250+ each.

    But unless you absolutley trash them ie: snap them into many pieces you could get away with plastic welding them back together.

    If your really worried about dropping it, you could ride without fairings for the first few weeks until you gain a bit of confidence and then put them back on.
  3. Talk to Lordtb. As i understand he now can manufacture both road and race fibreglass fairings for these. On the note about dropping or stacking your bike as a newby, DON'T WORRY ABOUT. Sure quite a few Newby's bin it but then quite a few don't.

    The more you worry about it, the more self conscious you'll get, the worse you will start riding, becoming less smooth and therefore increasing your chances of crashing.

    Just enough your riding and don't be silly. If it's gonna happen it gonna happen.

  4. Although it's kinda boring buying a faired bike and then pulling the fairings off, if you REALLY think your going to bin it in the early days - definitely do exactly as Kraven suggested. Even going as far as temporarily fighterising the bike just for the first few months (ie. get a headlight & indicator assembly & loom all the wires). Keep the side & top fairing and headlights in the garage, then put them back on once you've got your P's or when your confidence is back up. Keep all the streetfighter bits cos if you do bin it at a later date you can always just throw them back on until you can afford to fix it all again.
  5. thanx for that guys.. is it possible to get a good condition cbr250rr for around $4500??.. i've been looking at bikesales etc and most of them are around $5500-$7000.. there is one for $4000, but is that too cheap for a cbr250rr, hence probably has some damage to it??
  6. Im with Josh on this one, dont worry about droppin the thing... Most people i know that have dropped bikes have been at stand still and the little 250s arent exactly that heavy, so unless your jockey size theres not a great chance of that happenin...

    Just get somethin ya like and take it easy, youll be fine. Bugger pullin fairings off and on for no reason...
  7. Don't pay anymore than $5500 for it, you can find some really good ones for heaps cheaper i got mine for $4500 and it's in great nick.
    Just keep looking on bikesales,bikepoint, tradingpost, etc and a good one will come up eventually; I had to wait a month before i found mine but it was worth it, you just have to make sure you're really quick to call if you want the good deals.