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CBR250RR, CBR250R, ZX2R, V's petrol

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by deyago, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. CBR250RR

  2. CBR250R

  3. ZX2R

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Small quandry, not quite a dilema, but I need to know. Which of the following bikes: CBR250RR, CBR250R, ZX2R would be the most fun to douse in petrol and set alight at a party? I ask because I see so many being rev'ed to the shisenhousen doing 25 km/h and it made me think - There goes a load of crap, I wonder how well it would burn out of X, Y and Z bikes...

    I wont be doing any actual burning, people still pay money for these things otherwise I'd already know. But I am curious as to other's opinions on the subject. Now, before some 18-25 y/o gets all uppity and defensive of these gilded turds I'd like to point out that Ã'm not specifically interested in the riding, just the burning of said bikes.

    I'd really like to know this bit of information so I'd appreciate it if the Uber Mods could leave this for at least long enough for me to log in and check tomorrow after work. After all, bikes aren't just for riding and parking at cafes, some are for burnin' :twisted:
  2. If only petrol was cheaper, so we wouldn't have to choose.
  3. Have you really got nothing else better to do with your time then write that crap? :roll:
  4. I don't understand the hatred, etc. But I'd burn the cbr250r, as they're mostly all stuffed anyway.

    I personally love having a fang on a well kept cbr250rr when someone offers me the keys.
  5. That's one uppity 18-25 y/o with no opinion on burning. I bet he had a CBR250RR once.
  6. Where is the option for a 2003 Aprilia Tuono RSVR? I think they would burn the best :LOL: :wink:
  7. My god man. You need a sense-of-humour-injection STAT!!

    You whiney little ex CBZXR259RR-RR pilot.

    Deyago. May I reccomend using a can of Start Ya Bastard initiate said burning of pieces of rubbish. Should get them going as we say in the industry "$hit Hot".
  8. If it were my bike in that selection, i would have to say hands down it will be the CBR250RR. I'm sure i have fuel leaking from the float bowls so that can only aid the flammage.
  9. Burning's too good for them anyway. What you need is a large quantity of mercury chloride - combine that with the alloy in the frame and engine and they'll become water soluble, so you'll be able to flush them down the toilet to where they belong (it's worth the fine from the EPA for the mercury).
    Plastics should readily dissolve in toluene and can follow suit - which should just leave a few minor steel components you can leave outside to rust. :grin:
  10. Yep, i did have a RR. they are good bikes. we all have to start somewhere, remember? :roll:

    I dont get your sense of humour, and YES i do have a good sense of humour myself :D

    where was the option on your POLL to burn an 03 aprillia tou** thing?? :wink:
  11. Apparently you are the person to go to for a "sense-of-humour-injection". great. :grin:
    Do i have to become an "Incorrigible poster" on netrider to be funny? :grin:
  12. Well the answer is obvious.

    None of the above.

    Party at Pro-pilot's place and light up an R1. Then tell him you've just added to global warming and that you were told to burn the bike by a secret government department.

    He'll have a hysterical fit :twisted: :LOL:
  13. Awebley, "Incorrigible poster" not required for humor, but does help. Think of it as a +5 Humor or a roll of 11 or greater to defeat the Deflated Troll of Boredom.

    You could start your own poll, "Which bike fire would make the insurance companies cry most?" and list the 03 Tuono as an option. But frankly the Tuono is an expensive Italian V-Twin so putting up such an option might see an angry mob appear at your house.

    I'm with Bluesuede on this. PP has far too many bikes.

    Could we please add "Hyobung 250/650" and "Harley".
  14. All of 'em. You don't need a 250 nowa days.


    (can't wait for the next exciting topic Deyago :grin: )

  15. according to physics, a harley is too cool to burn.
  16. Why it'd have to be the Fireblade of coarse! :LOL:
  17.  Top
  18. Now why the fyck didn't I think of that??? It's obvious once you know :LOL:
  19. Heh, knew it. I never had to start on those over-priced junior-boy-racer toys. But some of us are lucky like that. :grin:

    What you lack in a sense of humour you make up in earnest righteous anger. That's a start. Feel free to take another bite of the bait.
  20. I vote cbr125. a new one.