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CBR250RR Babyblade+RWC, Cheap quick sale!

Discussion in 'Archived' started by srsbsns, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Having a baby and moving house in a week and need this bike gone to pay for nappies and movers!

    $3000 cash, bring it for a perfect bike with RWC. Not negotiable on that price or my wife will kill me.

    Had it on ebay, interstate bidder didn't contact me for a week, now he has some story about his grandfather passing away overseas. :-({|=

    Yes it is a genuine RR. 1992 model with approx 31,000 kms. First complianced in AUS in 2007.

    Starts first time, every time. This is the most performance you can get from a 250cc. It red lines at 19thou RPM. This bike has not been modified or messed around with. All original. Nothing to be done.

    Only bad point is that it fell over once causing a minor scratch to fairing, I have patched it up so it is hardly noticable. No other damage.

    There is approx 31'000 kms on the clock. Tyres are like new, new battery,

    This is a genuinely good bike and wont give you any dramas.

    Not to mention it looks awesome.

    located in Caulfield South for viewing.

    Please contact me for quick sale. Glenn 0437206678


    [​IMG] [/I][/INDENT]
  2. Still love these things! Yours appears to be a top example at a great price. Best of luck with the sale.....shouldn't last long ;)
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  3. that looks very nice for the years it has.
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  4. Yes, it is in great condition. Apparently hard to find a good one like this these days :)
  5. But...but....but.....I thought you were keeping both?

    I thought we all decided for you :D
  6. Yes I know.. and I wanted to keep it, but my credit card says [-(

    in other news, Gina Rinehart earns 1million AUD every half hour. FML
  7. very nice looking bike. had one very similar a few years back... if i wasnt going overseas on sunday i would probably buy it... great price esp as it comes with RWC. good luck!
  8. Yeah it is priced to sell.. basically as low as I can go for a quick sale. Its too bad because it is a good example of an RR..
    Oh well, enjoy your trip O/S.
  9. Sold to the first to see!
  10. congrats mate. did you have it advertised on netrider only? if not, where else did you advertise!?
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