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CBR250RR Australian Delivery

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jgul2, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. I need to replace the indicator bulb on my 1999 Aust. Delivery CBR250RR.

    When i took it out, the specification on the globe reads: 12V 23/8w.

    I have found it IMPOSSIBLE to find one of these globes.

    Tried: Auto spares shops, motorbike spares shops, wreckers

    Here you will find a pic (sorry for the poor quality - used my phone)


    If you know where i could get one, please let me know!!!

    I have tried one of the standard 12V 21/5w globes but it blinks really fast (same situation as no globe)
  2. Have you tried a Honda dealer???
  3. From what I hear a place called Samoto (yup Nth Melb) may have soem they can hook you up with, some of the NR crew going there tomorrow night or tonight i think for a trade jean's thing.. best luck
  4. yeah come along tomorrow... im scared of sumotos but in a group it wont be so bad.
  5. Go to a Honda dealership... they have them on stock and it will set you back $39 to $42 depending who you go to... Make sure you tell them it is FOR AUS delivery bike some Honda dealerships will not have any thing to do with a Gray import.
  6. update

    after more phone calls (even to some honda dealers) and being questioned countless times, whether the globe is actually for an indicator and not a stop/tail globe, and why its dual filament for an indicator etc... ..... finally found the bulb at Danenong Honda.

    $7.40 and sorted.

    didn't expect it to be so much trouble just for an indicator globe, but i guess this info may be useful for other Aus Delivery owners....
  7. Pretty cheap for a rare bulb like that.
  8. LOL in indicator globe... I thought it was a headlight globe... no wonder the Watage sondded bit odd..
  9. these things never had dual feeds to the indicators (no running lights combined with indicator) so you can replace them with any 30cent 20watt lamp from the local car place. Take the old one in to match the base (next time).

    It is possible someone in the past chucked a dual filament one in there as they a) didn't know better or b) was the quickest thing available.