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CBR250RR Aus Vs Import

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 1kmodem, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Hi im a newbie,

    Could you tell me the difference between an import and Aus Manucfactured besides compliance, I'd like to know the reliablity, specs and the price differences and anything else you'd know.


  2. Insurance can be obtained from a wider selection of insurance companies, only a limited number will cover grey imports (if they know; if they don't and find out afterwards they can and will reduce payouts).

    Not all shops will work on grey imports, and parts are often different (seals and such rather than major mechanical components).

    You are much more likely to have a service history for an Oz imported bike.
  3. Thats what agreed value is for

    I have never heard of an insurance company turning down the insurance on a grey import...

    At the end of the day, what does it matter to them?
  4. All CBRs sold here officially were the post '94 models which were restricted in power output to 40hp like every other Japanese 250. Even though there was no such restriction here I believe the bikes were left as is since the changes were in the ignition unit and cylinder head and it would have been expensive for Honda to make a seperate version just for Oz. Many grey imports however are the earlier model CBR which wasn't restricted - so power output is closer to 45hp (or at least it was when new).
  5. Small input on headlights i've learnt recently:

    My cbr250 is a grey import and runs on shitty 60/35W globes. The aus cbrs use the brighter and more common 60/55W globes.

    Can't put a 60/55W in a grey import as it will melt "something". Gotta change the switchgear if you want a brighter globe.

    Just something i had to research recently.
  6. Yep, although that's more of a Honda issue than a grey import issue. Other imports work fine without any modification if you switch to a 60/55w. All grey imports should be fitted with 60/55ws for compliance - the dodgy dealers just switch the old globe back in when they sell it.
  7. So if I got a Grey Import I cant have bright lights? not even riced up white ones? without changing the switchgear
  8. Jd's comment above states otherwise.

    However just speaking from my experience. I tried the 60/55W globes in and the two tabs at the bottom of the globe won't allow it to sit in the housing. Now you can cut the two tabs to make it fit but from reading on other forums you may have electrical problems. I believe this cause even though i did not fit the globe in the housing i connected it up to see if it would work. When i turned the bike on the light did go on but i started to see alittle smoke started to come out where i connected it and so turned the bike off immediately.

    Apparently the japanese use 60/35W globes. Anything different needs something done to the switchgear(from what i've read). I'm not brave enough to try and use the 60/55W globes as if something did melt i'd really be crying. Don't want to have to deal with these problems as i got zero expertise.

    Riding at night you need to have highbeams on since the lowbeam 35W is just pathetic!

    My advice when buying a cbr250 check what globes it has in it and stick with that unless your mechanically/electrically talented.
  9. No, I agree that if you try running a 60/55w long term in a CBR you might burn something out. But presumably they last long enough to get through compliance otherwise dealers would be forced to make the necessary modifications. The ADRs don't specify globe wattage but they do specify amount of illumination and I don't think a 35w globe would be enough to pass. I could be wrong on that, though I don't know of anything sold here (after 1990 anyway) with less than a 55w low-beam. Other grey imports however can run a 60/55w without any modification, even those that were never sold outside of Japan.
  10. You'll need to install a relay if you plan to run higher wattage bulbs on grey import cbr's (250's and 400's, and also vfr400's).

    This should be carried out by the importers, but most likely doesn't happen often.

    Installing the relay is straight forward: