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CBR250RR appearance change

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by sleeprider, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Hey guys pretty new here, just wondering a few questions as this may sound noob. But i was just wondering i want to get a fatter rear wheel or tyre is it possible on the cbr250rr ? cause i want to fatten the wheel up a bit more like the cbr600rr so when i get the tyga kit it looks a bit more proportional. Does anyone know where i can source the tyga kit from and how much as i checked out their website but just wondering if there is a local place since i want to change the look of my cbr250rr since every tom dick and harry has the something similar.

    Thanks guys.

  2. you should of done a search first "tyga"

    there is no local supplier for tyga you have to get it from overseas. "the website u looked at"

    and tyga will cost you 50% the cost of your bike.

    the price you see is the price of "NOT" paint fairings.

    you'lll have to wait maybe latleast 3 months in the waitin list.

    good luck with it.
  3. The Australian supplier for the Tyga kits are BComponents which are based in Collingwood Melbourne. They are more expensive than purchasing your Tyga kits from overseas.

    I dont know where siwanut got his info from, but Tyga has kits ready to go according to their website and to Paul (Tyga, Pattaya). I had to wait 2 weeks for mine when they were out of stock. Never heard of the 3 month waiting list for Tyga Kits. Only place that has 3 month waiting lists for Tygas are shitmoto.....
  4. thanks guys, do you guys approximately know how much it is delivered to australia ?

    also does anyone know whether on the tyga website their white demo bike they fatten this wheel up with a tyre or wider wheel cause it looks bigger then normal CBR wheels from the TYGA website

    i can't post direct pictures since i only have few posts.
  5. Good idea, chicks dig fat tyres :LOL:

    My NSR has a 120/80-17 rear and 90/80-17 front, so small that theres only one tyre combo and nobody says it's skinny. Not worth wasting the money and risking the handling etc just for fat rubber that nobody notices and isn't needed. My friend is thinking about getting his CBR250RR tyga'd on insurance repair money and it sounds like quite an ordeal so good luck! :)
  6. The Tyga kits look good, but to be honest unless you crashed your bike and insurance gave you a blank cheque etc. why bother.

    Stop posing and just ride the thing.

    Buy a 600RR with the money you save (once off restrictions) and you get a sharp looking bike, fatter rear tire and 60 more horsepower too!
  7. Tyga kts do look good but they cost abit too much. By the time you get it all fixed up you'll be looking at around $1700+ (estimate). I think you'll be better off saving up for a 600...
  8. If you're interested, i have the tyga tail and seat cowl with the standard front. More trouble than it's worth honestly. The cibbie looks nice enough with the standard fairings. Mine were shat though.

    I'll post up a piccie, although i have no lowers/sides and the tail is currently unpainted.
  9. ahhh i see yeah thanks guys, mrx78u are you selling a bike as you described ? or just your project if so can you pm me price with details might be interested.
  10. Fatter tyre will severely effect the geometry of the bike. It will turn slower, not track in a line as well. Leave the tyre as what Honda recommended.

    Tyga stuff shouldnt take that long to get here from the US. Maybe 7-10 days.
  11. Nope, i'm afraid the cibbie innay for sale at the moment. I'm about to upgrade, but it just became my girlfriends bike by default :)

    I'll post up a pic of what it looks like at the moment for the purpose of this thread.

    Oh btw, the cbr250's rear tyre is sufficient for looks purposes i think. It's no superbike, but then again it's a 250. I think the cbr looks pretty good as it is.
  12. hey dude ,i know the best way to improve your cbr250 looks,
    set it on fire, and then go buy a decent looking bike
    i am just trying to help here you need to know this
    i know this im a chick we know what has appeal :grin: :grin: :grin:
  13. Buddy... dont waste your cash on a 250!!! every Tom, Dick and harry have the same thing because they all need to learn.

    no matter what you do to a 250 at the end of the day its still a 250!!!

    Trust me brother, iv been there and done that. i spent over 7k on my CBR250RR and i got 5k for it in the end! its REALLY not worth it!

    stick with it... learn to ride... master the roads... master your limits and then get ride of it and upgrade!!!

    i just bought an IMMACULATE 2001 R6 with all the history, RWC and 12months rego for $5700... and now that i think about the fact I spent more than $7000 on a 250 makes my blood boil!!!

    let my mistake be a lesson to you ;)
  14. squirrelgadget

    does a 2001 Yamaha R6 Red black and white with "soon to have" chrome rims, have appeal? :p
  15. if your rockin a seat stander wheelie on it :grin:
  16. So?

    What's wrong wiff 2 fiddies??

    We like 'em.

    You did quite well - that's not much of a loss at all. Wait till you buy a big bike - then you'll know about depreciation!

    That sounds a bit cheap - I hope it doesn't bite you!

    All the best

    Trevor G

  17. Never said anything was wrong with them. Just advising him that its pointless wanting to spend 3k on a bodykit for a 250 that his gonna sell as soon as his off his restrictions. tru?

    250's are made for learning, not show and tell tru?

    yea i know its depreciation is greater for larger capacity bikes yet this does not justify paying $7000 for a 20y.o bike sent over from japan, polished up and sold "as new" down here! (As our lovely freinds at Sumoto seem to do so well) :p

    what can i say... once you hve been to Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and Singapore you tend to pick up the wonderful art of "Haggling"

    If you have any unanswered questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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  19. The best looking cbr250rr I've seen is one at uni.. It has about 92,000kms on it and has been painted matte black with appropriate red bling. UNIQUE.

    If you want to make your bike standout, do it up yourself - because everyone else wants their bike to be different so they get tyga too :)
  20. haha i love it...

    how about an f4i with a tank frogger? hubba hubba