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CBR250rr after market bar end?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by evo6, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Hi all, my cbr has a missing right hand bar end. I want to make look good on both side. I have been looking around for after market bar end which will fit the CBR250. but I can't so far. People said since Honda got specail design, a universal bar end will not fit into it. it said it got a weight metal inside as well.

    anyone has any idea where can i get the after market one to fit? since the genius bar end costs $100.

    Second question. I head light did not align with the hold cut in the fairing. I think the upper fairing is in the right place, how do I adject or move the head light in the right position?

  2. the lights on the CBR250 look like they are miss alined... that's coz they are pointing in different directions to give you max light...

    The bar ends... if you can get the weight out of the handle bar good on you... otherwise screw some other after market bar end... or if you can't screw any thing in to it and you cat take the weight out... spray WD40 into/onto it... bash it in with a hammer and a screw driver... and than install the new aftermarket bar end... the extra weight helps witht he stability.. otherwise use a 120 tyre...
  3. alright, about the head light. I did not mean that light bulb indside the light cover. I mean the two head lights has shifted to more to the right hand side so it creates a grap between the fairing.

    Can I adjust the horizontal axis of the head light?