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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Nocturne, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. First bike, so excited :bannanabutt:


    Genuine Honda Tinted Screen
    Genuine Honda Seat Cowl
    Arrow Front pipe / header pipe
    M4 Street Slayer slip on
    EBC HH sintered front brake pads
    Bikers Adjustable Levers, with clutch adjuster
    Bikers Yoke nut
    Oxford Heated Grips (wired with relay tied to ignition)
    Pro bolt bolts for faring in black to match bike
    Pro bolt bolts on some of the handle bar parts
    R&G Racing Fender eliminator w/ LED indicators and load resistors (they flash at a normal rate)
    Some carbon wrapped parts

  2. Awesome looking bike, congrats (y)
  3. Thanks bud. Initially set out looking at VTR250's and similar, but my mate had one of these and i spent a bit of time sitting on it and loved it, was perfect height and i loved the digital speedo etc.

    Managed to get a good deal so i just couldn't say no!
  4. Pretty much similar story to me :) I got mine for peanuts so couldn't say no either!

    I also forgot to say, love the red bolts n such on the bars. Stands out nicely!
  5. The guy i bought it from was so damn meticulous, he's really outdone himself. I didn't even notice one of them at first. Some of them are as subtle as using black bolts rather than the stock silver ones

  6. Stop it, you're making me jealous! Haha :LOL: hope you're enjoying it
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  7. Damn nice looking CBR250! Sure you'll be really happy with it
  8. Wow looks really good, love the decals taken off too, makes me wish I modded mine when I had it! Enjoy it mate!
  9. Damn, I miss my bike LOL

    He bought it off me :D

    Did you only notice the black Pro Bolt bolts lol, There are even matching ones on the front fender.

    Also nice pics haha

    Did you get the paper work off your mum haha, Dropped it off yesterday arvo.
  10. Cheers all.

    Yeah mate, got all the paper work thanks :)

    I'm itching to ride it!

    Junior just ordered the exact exhaust and heated grips he loved them so much. I also installed the levers on his too then he got his mechanic to adjust the clutch cable, he's so excited after seeing what you did to this one LOL
  11. This is one awesome looking bike (y)
  12. I'm loving it too :D

    Had my L's since 17th, and i've done nearly 400km on it...100km of that was just on Saturday!

    Practicing my ar$e off and have been gradually introducing rides involving traffic etc. Much more confident now, but i plan to focus on my emergency braking and low speed u-turns...i've done a few of those now but not happy with them yet
  13. That is a fantastic looking CBR, have fun!