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CBR250R won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ghibli, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Hi guys
    last week bought a CBR250R, 55K on the clock but still goes like a rocket. The only problem I have is that it won't start in the morning. If I get it started via pushing she'll go OK all day, restarts & all. Just the first start in the morning, however, it doesn't happen. I have already charged the battery, no difference. Anyone had the same problem in the past? Any ideas on what to do?

  2. Hey Ghibli - sorry I jumped on to look for advice as if I havent ridden for a few days my srx doesnt seem happy to start either...fingers crossed will get some good feed back that'll help ya out...but unfortunately I havent got a clue...!!!
  3. my cousins zzr250 has the same problem. its just too cold in the morning for the bike to start. even with choke, the bike starts and then just turns off. too cold i say.
  4. OK guys what's happening here?

    Are they turning over on the starter motor? or is the starter motor not even cranking over?

    If it is, how hard is it going?
  5. I had this problem too ...
    it cranks initially and after a few trials it just dies down.

    take a look at the battery .... may be its time for a replacement.
  6. Well, the starter motor turns but the engine just won't pick up, until the battery (2 days old) runs flat and I'll have to recharge it tonight. Fair to say the temperature here early this morning was -2! Guy I bought the CBR from told me that he charged the plugs about 2K ago - so it should not be the plugs. Just trying to find out if it is only for the cold, or if there is a mechanical explanation for it.
  7. Is he runnin ULP or PULP?

    I've noticed the same thing happening on mine, ive used PULP for the last couple weeks...
  8. Try jump starting it off a car first thing in the morning. If that works then there's a good chance it's your battery that's shagged.

    Some bikes will turn over fine but not produce a strong enough spark if the battery is old. The cold weather isn't nice to batteries either if the bike's kept outside.

    If you're managing to get it running by pushstarting it I doubt it's a fuelling (carb/choke) problem.
  9. I put a new battery on the bike two days ago.
    Bike is kept in lock up garage.
    I use Premium unleaded.
    Bike will pushstart, and after that start OK all day.
    Just first thing in the morning, won't start.
    Probably just the cold.
  10. I'd say your idle mixture and you choke don't corrolate.

    How do you use the choke? Does this vary in winter to summer?
  11. I use the choke every time I want to start the bike after a few hours not running. Leave it on for a few minutes that ease the engine back into idle.
    I have jumpstarted the bike this morning, and I think it probably needs a tune-up, as it started with a couple of loud bangs. I'll probably take to a good mechanic for a good overall check - always a good idea with a second hand bike. :wink:
  12. Try Using ULP rather than PULP your engine was designed 15+ years ago to run on ULP check in your service manual. using higher octane fuel will actually reduce the peformance of your bike
  13. Update

    Hi Guys
    I thought I'd give you an update on this post.
    Over the last week the bike has started well, most of the times at the first go. The new battery is doing its bit, the engine roars into life straight away and off I go.
    In hindsight, I think the bitter cold (-8) we had here in Canberra was a factor in the starting failure. Also, I may need to change the brushes in the starter motor, because sometime when I turn the key, power comes on but the SM won't engage. Then, next time I try to start the bike it's OK.
    Anyway, all's well. Thanks to all posters on this subject.
  14. Just started having that problem with my CBR

    I tern it over till it try to fire with out the choke
    Then I turn the choke on and hold the starter on till it starts then give it a quick twist when it just about firers gets it going every time.

    Funny thing is it started after I got it serviced
    (but only when I get up really early and fell like a ride at 4 in the morning)
  15. My RR wont be too happy starting in this cold, but I think it could also be the condensation... you know how water doesn't burn too well... But mine could sit there constantly cranking for an hour if the battery had its way.

    But I try with full choke and after a minute of not starting, i push choke in and use throttle till it starts.