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cbr250r wont start after washing

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Liryc, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Hey all, I recently purchased a cbr250r a week ago as my first bike. She rides fine, a bit low on idle but no major issues.

    Until yesterday that is, when i decided to give her a thourough washing. sprayed wd-40 to remove gunks on engine areas and kero to clean chains. I did not use use a hose (let alone pressure wash), just sponge and bucket. Yet i cant start it anymore. I tried using compressed air, let it dry overnight, still no go.

    It turns but just wouldnt catch(if that is the phrase :?: ) until I almost run down the battery.

    Any ideas please?

  2. Check sparkplugs. Probably fouled from the water.
  3. phizog - i used compressed air on the sparkplugs,(they are not wet upon visual inspection but hey, all the help I need) still no go. but thanks for the input.

    I'm not what you call a "mechanically savvy" person so i'm not very confident in tearing the carbs apart, since someone suggested that water must have gotten into it. I just wasted a whole nice weekend staying at home instead of riding.
  4. Hmm. If it were me, I'd get new plugs just to be on the safe side. It only costs a few bucks and it won't hurt.

    Best to eliminate the obvious things before worrying. Kill switch not on? Kickstand not up?
  5. I'll try that then, as I've said every little thing helps. Hopefully I dont have to ring the mobile mechanics
    Thanks for that. I'm a new, still trying to work out how to show netrider member logo under the user name.


  6. Shhh...whatever you do DO NOT ask how to do that (show logo) in the Site forum. ;-)

    They do put all the info there if you need it.

    I wouldn't be at all worried about the bike not running, just don't annoy vic. ;-)


    Trevor G

    PS Not sure how water would have got in the carbies - scratch out that one.

    The most likely thing is that water is shorting out the plug leads or caps. Have you removed the lead (actually, the cap and the lead) from the plugs? Can water pool around the plugs?

    If there is any there it just won't run.

    Another problem if water gets in the control switches you could have the ignition cutout shorted out. But I don't think that is so likely...not at all.
  7. Didn't bump your killswitch off did you? Or fuel tap or choke?
  8. Now that worries me Trev, if its is not water in the carby and im pretty sure sparkplugs are dry(havent tried replacing them yet though) coz it cant pool around the plugs, i might be looking at something serious (read expensive) here

    kill switch, fuel tap & choke checked. tried with it on & off.
    as i say, newly acquired bike, and not much mechanical talent.

    I'll ring a mechanic to come around, cant stand the suspense anymore. Will keep you all posted, at least that'll teach me what to avoid next time I wash the engine. Man, i wish it wasnt something dumb!