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CBR250R vs CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by FLYREX, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Sorry if this a bit of a noob question, but is there any difference between a CBR250R vs CBR250RR?

    If so, what's the difference?

  2. Yes. Power is slightly different. R has single front brake disc, RR has two.

    I suggest you run a search for more detail, its been asked a zillion times.

    Check the wiki too.
  3. The extra R will pull more chicks.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Thanks for that mate :wink:
  5. This is only what I know and I could be wrong.

    CBR250R :

    Single front brake disc.
    More upright seating position (Would be more comfy compared to the RR on longer rides)
    3 Spoke Rims


    Double Front Brake Disc.
    More aggressive seating position.
    5 Spoke Rims.
  6. Stolen from the cibby forum:

  7. As has been said before in this thread:

    Single 330mm front disc vs twin 270mm front discs (both ventilated)
    Seat is higher compared to pegs on R (30mm iirc)
    Fuel pump vs gravity fed (the rr is slightly restricted fuel wise (top end, WOT), but mostly unnoticeable)
    Different cam profiles, makes similar torque however. All R's came at 45hp, JDM RR's restricted to 40, ADM RR's come at 45.
    Carbies on R 1mm bigger diameter iirc, but R/RR have the same flow.

    Interesting tidbits:
    side fairings interchangeable
    Gear selection lever more expensive to replace on R, but easier to adjust on the fly.
    Fuel tap on R comes as a slide tap that is bolted onto the tank, many places don't sell the R taps or acknowledge they are different to the fuel tank (thus will try to charge you replacement of the entire fuel tank), but IIRC southern cross motorsports (ebay) do.
    Tyga Fairing set can be modified to fit R, but PITA, and need to be able to weld fibreglass.
    Regulators go kaput easier on RR's (don't ask me why, my R has never had a problem with it, friends RR has gone through 3, now on one from an R1)
    Most cbr250r's are registered as cbr250rr's because the rr's were sold in australia and don't have to be a custom entry into most transport departments computers.
    You can take the bike apart with a: 8, 10, 12 mm spanners (and a 16mm spanner for the wheel nuts iirc), 4 mm hex key, and thats about it.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. Helps clear a few things up for me.

    I'm gonna get myself a 250 real soon and I've been looking at some second hand CBR's and I've got a question.

    I've noticed that some places are selling 90/94 RR's with 2007 compliance with the new body styling, new tyres etc etc and they're selling for like $8000.

    Might be a silly question, but what we're these bikes worth brand new?

    Is it a rip off to buy these bikes at that price or is it worth the extra dollars considering heaps of RR's are going around $5-6000?

    From the outside, it seems as though they're just selling old bikes with new body styling for the price of a new 250.

    I could pick up a brand new VTR for that price.
  9. those new bodykits on the cbrs are just for dealers to push the price up and sell to newbies... the engine is still 15+ years old and probably been trashed like most cbrs- like a granny with plastic surgery( somebody else on the forum said that :LOL: ) under the surface, its old and bound for problems!
    yes they look good but a total waste because you are likely to drop it and there goes your shiny new fairings.. if you are willing to spend that much on a 250 go the VTR- i rode one the other day and virtually everybody on this forum will tell you that they are great bikes
  10. You sound like you have been to Sumoto ??

    Good bit of advice, stay away and buy yourself a VTR250.. :wink:
  11. End of the day, both bikes are very similar in terms of performance. Guys on the CBR250 forums seem to think so. Its only aesthetics