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cbr250r tail bag. pulling my hair out

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by markwearspants, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. g'day

    So I ride a 2011 cbr250r, as of a couple of weeks ago I need to bring in my laptop to uni and i really don't want it on my back. I also want a place to safely store my helmet instead of locking my $700 arai to my bike or carrying it around from building to building for my classes.

    I have been on the Givi website and really loving this one:


    I have a couple of concerns. Firstly for such an expensive well reputable case I really don't like how it has a max capacity of 3kg. I need to carry my laptop, a commercial router and a bunch of Ethernet cables with me at a total of 10kg..

    are there any other cases that any of you guys know of that can support this weight and still be a good solid case? and as for "universal" fitting kit, do they really mean universal or will I have to heavily mod them/my bike and have ugly bars hanging out the back?


  2. Mate,

    Your requirements don't seem to fit the riding, especially on a CBR 250.

    I wouldn't carry a laptop anywhere except of my back.
    Thus using and highly recommending ogio mech 5. You can stack a lot in it.

    I wouldn't also leave my helmet on a bike for any period where I can't see it for more than a few minutes.

    If nothing really suits you perhaps your choice of transport isn't the best one for the purpose :)

  3. thank you that bag looks amazing.
    I have decided to go with the rear soft bag produced by honda for my laptop charger and main essentials and the ogio mach 5 for the back with a laptop.

    Although with my jacket, leather teknic chicane II it has a whiplash protector. back packs seem to be very uncomfortable with it :/
  4. Just hire a locker at uni to put your helmet in.
  5. Hi there,

    Can I ask you where did you buy the Ogio bag? I'm looking to buy the same one and try to find a good price.

  6. Ebay :)