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CBR250R Streetfighter

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 3AMCobra, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Yes folks, because i stacked my bike in traffic and don't have enough to do complete fix (over 3grand to repair, bah, i paid 3.5 for the bike! cmon!) So its Streetfighter all the way, straight bmx bars, bikini fairing on the front, will respray the whole thing myself using matt black and gloss black paints.

    Right now its at the mechanics and will be finished by saturday, when ill take some pics.

    Any other 250 streetfighters (read, smash bikes) on here? :grin:

  2. tough break about the stack. imho, 250s are too skinny to street fighter. they just don't look fat enough in the middle or bottom. spend your time rerouting all the wiring so that it is as hidden as possible. move all the unsightly things that you can. if the bottom section of your old fairings are somewhat salvageable, make a belly pan with it.

    i run the acerbis/ufo copy enduro style lights and they suck for night riding... especially if you want to travel fast, safely. you don't get a lot of distance with the small halogens so find a decent light setup.
  3. Thanks man. The headlights aren't the alien enduro style ones, its similar but has 4 lights that are a bit bigger. The face itself is ADR approved so im assuming should be good. My mechanic just got them i stock, ill find out the brand.
  4. Oh and the bottom section of the fairings should be ok, i'll speak to them on the weekend to see if can get something made up, would probably look a little better. But im not too fussed at the moment just want the thing back! havent had a ride in 4 weeks now urgh, morning traffic is $%#@ed