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CBR250r Special + General advice Question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by C-rad, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys,

    First time posting. I have been lurking around netrider forum for the last few weeks and have come across some really great threads. I rode a bike for the first time last weekend when i went for my l's, which i passed!! :)

    I am extremely excited to get a motorbike and cant wait to start getting some experience under my belt.

    The issue i'm having at the moment is i'm feeling quite overwhelmed with all the options that are available to me when having to choose a bike. I came across an article on bike sales mentioning the cbr250 for a discounted price of $4999 drive away with the option of being able to finance it for 0%. My question is, in every ones option is this a good deal? will this bike hold its value (i intend to upgrade once im not restricted), maintenance etc.. also for the life of me i couldn't find any fine print for the financing, does any one have any experience with honda's financial services?

    I never really considered to get a brand new bike as it just seemed silly to do. That being paying a premium to buy from the dealer, as well as the added risk of scratching and damaging the bike as it'd be my first. That being said from what i can see is that id only be paying around $300-400 less if i were to go for a 2nd hand option.

    Another question i have is in regards to gear. How do you guys go about getting your gear? Internet, bike stores, markets etc?? I feel there is some merit in getting your stuff from a shop as they are able to advice (regardless of their sales mumbo jumbo) which for me is good as i have very limited knowledge when it comes to the world of bikes.

    Lastly is the topic of insurance. Is is worth while to get full compo on a 5 grand bike even though its new? Keeping in mind i'm a 21 year old Male (probably wont be using it as a commuting vehicle).

    Cheers guys


    *Link to Bike Sales Article*
    Can be found on their front page (i cant post links because of the forum restrictions)
  2. Welcome Conrad.

    As far as the cbr250r is concerned, it sounds like a good deal, but neither ridden the bike or experienced Honda finance.

    As far as gear is concerned, you really need to at least try out a physical store. Every helmet manufacturer have different sizes and shapes, some of the jacket sizes are far from normal clothing sizes. Once you tried the gear on and it fits, you can then consider the internet.

    As far as insurance is concerned for a 21 year old, you would probably pay for the bike again in two years. My 21 year old son bought a new 650 cfmoto, and he only got third party due to this.
  3. Welcome C-Rad. new or used, its your choice. Buying new whern you are intending to sell after restrictions means you cop the depreciation. A newbie at my work bought a CBR250 with 45,000k for about $3k. He'll probably sell it for about the same in a year. But finance at 0% can't be any better. I'm sure others will comment here.
    As for gear, I prefer to look, feel and try for the bigger ticket items - its a personal choice, but your more likely to get it right at a shop. Don't know where you are from, but ther will be a netrider in your area who can suggest where to go to try gear on - then check the internet for the same item.
    http://www.bikersgearaustralia.com/ is good, so is http://www.amxoutlets.com/, or www.bikemart.net.au/, but these in Melbourne.
    Happy riding.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm located in Melbourne. Yeah i guess the logical choice is to just try on in the store and then order from online. Any brick and mortar stores people can suggest in Melbourne? To be honest i don't really mind spending a little extra for the service, however generally i find in general the range is lacking. Is this the same with bike gear?

  5. I'm in Adelaide, range varies between stores, but Peter Stevens is best for range here.
  6. If you have the bike under finance you WILL need comprehensive insurance, it is a requirement of buying with finance. I have my 2011 CBR250R with insuremyride and I haven't found any cheaper insurance. It's between $200-300 (can't remember the exact cost) a year comprehensive and that includes $2000 gear cover. Mine is a bit cheaper because I've also done an advanced riding course (separate to L's and P's course). They're claiming process is also meant to be very straight forward, simple and easy with no one reporting any probs according to reviews I've read by other customers.

    You will love the CBR250R. It is my 2nd bike (first was 2008 CBR125R) but I also bought brand new although for me mine cost just under 6.5k inc rego & onroads. I'm reasonable expecting to get about $4k for it, maybe just under. They do tend to hold their value being Honda but there is also quite a few of them out there on the market for buyers to choose from. As far as riding goes, they're a very easy bike to ride, well balanced, a great weight, have a good amount of low end torque and very forgiving of mistakes. Honda have done a wonderful job of setting them up to use the power they have well. I've been on my full licence for about 1-1.5 years now and I'm nowhere near outriding it but im a pretty conservative rider. I think it'll do you perfectly for the time before you upgrade. I actually didn't even test ride one before I bought mine (only sat on it) cause Peter Stevens Adelaide had no demos (they never do for some reason...). I just bought it on the word of a guy that pulled up on one out the front of the store. Asked him what he thought of it and he's like "it's fantastic, get one, you'll love it". So I did, and he was right. Even my stepdad thats been riding for like, 60 years was very impressed with how it handed and how much of a pleasure it was to ride when he had a go on it and he usually rides litre bikes.

    As far as gear goes, def try stuff on in store. I've bought some stuff from Peter Stevens, some online. Make sure you get a new helmet but, don't buy second hand, thats very important.

    Welcome to the forum anyway and good luck with beginning your motorcycling! Stay safe :)
  7. Welcome Conrad :D
    Honda makes good bikes and all of them is very easy to handle. Anyway, I think $4999 for something 250 brand new plus insurance is fair enough but I will think again in term of the size of the bike. There are so many second hand bikes those suit L plate and they are low ks ( I get 09 CB400 with 4grand ks for about $5900. I looked hard on the internet and was very patience ). You could get something second hand but bigger , financed with comprehensive insurance and yet still LAMS .
    As you mentioned you are 21 I think you will have to wait til you are 25 ( as I recalled ...for me it was very long time ago ) eventually get something bigger when you are going to get full licence or maybe you dont need to because what you already owned is already big enough.

    For me, buying brand new and have to sell it when upgrade is torturing my wallet because brand new bikes will lose their value once ridden out of the showroom , price will drop by $2k-$3k .

    In the other hand , second hand bike is peace of mind when you sell it. I sold my old bike the same price I bought it , sweet thing.

    About riding gears, I ebay the most of them as well as bike parts.
    The main reason I order internet stuff is because its cheaper if you are willing to wait.
    Sometimes local shop sells exactly same thing more expensive but you can get it now - cant complain.
    I bought helmet from local shop for merely $40 because it has defected paint ( I dont mind that. It does the job though)
    Leather jacket from ebay $200 comes with removable pads armors.
    Jeans- your choice.
    Leather shoes $30.


    Enjoy riding, Conrad.

  8. I wouldn't get a CBR250, can you stretch for a Ninja 300?
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  9. I wouldn't be going out of my way to buy a new bike as the sad reality is that it'll probably have a small drop and it won't be so pretty. Plus most bikes first service is at 1000km so you have to factor that cost in. Buy a less than perfect one for 3k as others have said, that is unless you are relying on finance to buy it.

    As for buying gear start out buying local, take the shops advice and get it fitted properly. Once you have experience and know exactly what you want then buy online. I very rarely buy gear online but I buy heaps of parts online, because with the parts I know for sure what I order is what I need.
  10. I think it's a good price for CBR. I took it for a spin once and I thought it was light and fun, perfect for tight twisty roads or the city, and probably less so for wide open stretches. I haven't tried Ninja 300 so I can't compare them, but then, neither can you. What I'm trying to say, if you get it, you'll probably be happy with it, it is a good bike and the price seems right!

    There are a number of good reasons to start with a second-hand bike, but against them all is one big truth: buying new makes you feel so much better. So I say, if you can afford that 4k, screw the reason, get it new... just try not to drop it! You never know, you might be lucky. I never dropped my first bike, only the second (more expensive) one.
  11. Those 3 websites I referred to in #3 above are all sites in Ringwood, Ferntree Gully & Bayswater (close to the hills), with other shops as well. Try them. Staff were helpful when I told them what I was looking for.
  12. Why im considering the CBR brand new is because its already discounted from the 5.6k rrp as well as including the rego within the price (as far as my understanding goes). So comparing to the same bike second hand that ive seen on bike sales it seems like a good deal.

    I am not too concerned with getting a bigger bike, i am a complete novice and i imagine will be quite conservative with my riding for some time.

    Thanks again for the replies guys. If any one has any more info on the finance side of things that would be great!! I will be going in to check out a few bikes tomorrow :) exiting.
  13. I was in the same situation as you. When I was looking for a Ninja 300 3 months ago. People were asking stupid prices for a nearly new one. I paid $6.5k Ride away for a Brand new non ABS and the cheapest used one was $6000 with 3k km and about 6 months Rego and I still have to pay Stamp Duty.

    There were people asking $6.3k for a 2000km bike as well which was stupid.

    No brainer for me. My brother bought a CBR250R at the same time. PS had his for $4990 ride away for the tri-colour that was just superseeded and everyone was selling CBR250R for 4k + with less rego and still up for 4% stamp duty. So easy choice for him too.
  14. Yeah, I suggested to my daughter that she think about this as an option. Not that much more than something much older, and a new Honda is gonna go forever. She's only 60 kg and 5'2" (153 cm), so is unlikely to be looking for a super-quick upgrade on getting her full license.

    She's still thinking it through, but I think there's potential there.
  15. Hi guys, completely forgot about this thread. I ended up going for the deal and I couldn't be happier. Nothing like getting a brand new shiny toy. Besides that, im having a blast learning how to ride. Im loving the fact that it only costs <$15 to fill up a full tank seeing as it'd cost 5 times that to fill up my car.

    Now that im getting a bit more confident, what tell tail signs should i be looking for to affirm my ability to ride on more busier roads? for example, the way I can maneuver my bike?
  16. Hi C-rad. Did you get the CBR250? Congrats if so. Always wear your gear, your skin is not very tough. Come along to Saturday practice, details here:
    If you want an escort, let the troops know where you come from, somebody nearby might ride with you. Get plenty of practice, learn what counter steering is all about, as it is fantastic in corners. And have fun.:)
  17. Yeah i ended up getting the cbr 250. Cheers Petesul, I will defiantly come down and check it out. I might try to come down next saturday.
  18. Hi C-rad, Congrats on the new bike mate!

    I just got a Cbr250ra Repsol myself from Advantage Motorcycles in Hoppers Crossing. Only had it a week but I think I'm in love. First bike also, and I think this is probably the best choice I could have made. Went for the ABS model myself for a bit of extra assurance until my skills improve.

    Will also try to get to the new rider thing on Saturday! Great community here, looking forward to becoming part of it.
  19. Congrats C-rad and Dani on their new bikes! Ive just gotten my learners, so im on the hunt for a good new or used bike. That CBR250R is mighty tempting...
  20. Hi C-Rad, I'm also looking at this deal including the Honda finance option. How did you go with the finance. Are there any hidden charges?